Tuesday, November 30, 2010


     Jesus. It's almost Christmas. To be honest though, I'm not quite feeling the holidays justtt yet. Once December (tomorrow) rears its head, I'm sure I'll be merrily singing carols every step of the way. This is the November edition of things I've been infatuated with (I have featured everything some items on my blog, except #2, 3, & 6):

1. CHANEL Tweed Fuchsia -  I have yet to capture a good swatch, I blame it on the crappy weather and lighting. Really. I've been using this quite a bit this month and the gold overlay is still visible, that's how pigmented the blusher is. It's disgustingly beautiful and I am really, really tempted to purchase another. Logical peeps would tell me it's not necessary. I'm not a logical person, so I don't think it applies...
2. MAC Tippy - Feature post, I promise. This came out last February in the Hello Kitty collection. I've used it many times and seriously, what the hell, it looks brand new. A cool, crisp bright pink. It's the perfect winter color.
3. MUFE HD Blush #5 (Nip Slip) -  Ha. Nip Slip. Sephora describes this as a neutral pink. I agree. I received a generous sample of this during a visit and I really am enjoying this product. I'm not a big fan of MUFE but this I will purchase in the full size once I've finished my sample. Post coming soon.
4. Korres Mango Lip Butter -  Since the weather has been crisp, my lips have definitely gotten a tad dry even though I inhale litres of water. I love this stuff. I'd eat it if I could.
5. CHANEL Rouge Allure in Impertinente - On the days where I need a more saturated shade, this is perfect. A plum with a hint of red and brown, it's natural but at the same time full of elegance. Which I am not. 
6. Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte - I've been making my way through the Holiday menu and this is pure yum. Honestly, some of the drinks taste identical...meh. I still love the caramel bits they sprinkle on top. 

Looking at this list, I guess I've been veering toward pinks for my cheeks. Boring, I know. I hope everyone is doing well and I want to thank those who continue to stop by (if there are any ^_^). What are your favorites this month? Have you finished holiday shopping yet? =D.   

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