Monday, November 15, 2010

LIPPIE: CHANEL Extrait de Gloss - Insolence

      I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Now, I mentioned this product before in one of my monthly favorites but I did not swatch it so I'm going to dedicate a post for this. I did link my reviews for Makeup Alley in that post, so check them out if you want to view them on there instead. 
      I was very excited when this collection came out back in August! As much as I love the Glossimers, sometimes I like to wear something on my lips that does not have very much shimmer. The colors are gloriously rich and flattering, but the one I have to post about today is Insolence.
        Can I just talk about the lovely packaging first? It is encased in a heavy glass (or is it acrylic? I'm not sure) bottle with the logo embossed in gold on the top. It's so elegant but at the same time a nuisance because this thing holds fingerprints like a madhouse. I also have a feeling that if you were to drop this, it would shatter or at least some parts of it would. Just to let you know, the testers for this product come in a clear tube so you can see the color. So, don't be expecting the same once you open the product at home =P. I know some people don't like this because you can't tell how much gloss is left in the bottle.  The bottle contains 8g...if you do the math, it's cheaper than a Glossimer.
       Alas! The label on the bottom of the tube gives you a reminder of what the color looks like. Gee, thanks Chanel. Insolence is a very pretty bright, cool pink with no shimmer. It does sheer out once it is spread out on the lips but you can layer to build the intensity. It imbues high shine to the lips that looks very natural. The texture is so nice and smooth, it's slightly thick but very gel-like. It sits comfortably on my lips and it does not make them peel or dry out. The longest wear time I have gotten out of this shade is 5.5 hours (over a thin layer of balm)! It is touted as a long-wearing lip gloss so I was very impressed when it lived up to its claim. 
      The applicator is a sponge tip but it is a modified version. It is concave on both sides, so when you apply it on the lips it allows for even and effortless coverage. It is more flexible than your typical wand so don't be alarmed when it gives under a little pressure.  As with most CHANEL products, this does have a rose fragrance. It smells delicious to me...
      I highly recommend that you check these out if you are interested. There are 9 shades, only Confidence is limited edition so you can take your time. These are meant to replace the Aqualumiere Glosses (which I did not like at all). I also have Fatale, a beautiful deep rich red but my mom has taken possession of it =). Only for now, I hope...  
P.S. Skyline was just as I expected: predictable with semi-cheese moments. The CGI made up for it though, love the alien designs. Harry Potter anticipation anyone? 
Product: CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss - $37CAN

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