Sunday, October 31, 2010

FAVORITES: October Edition

      My birthday was on the 20th, so I am now officially 23. I have purchased a few items since then but I haven't used them enough to include them in this edition. Some of my favorites have been mentioned in previous posts, so refer to those if you would like to see photos =D. 
1. Estee Lauder Sumptuous (Volume) and Double Wear (Length) - These two mascaras are not talked about often and I don't know why. I got into Estee Lauder because of my mom, who loves this brand. I really feel that these two mascaras are standouts in their line when used together. Separately, they do what they are supposed to do but when used together they are magic great for my lashes. 
2. CHANEL Paradoxal - I feel like I will soon need to pick up another bottle because I'm already 1/4 of the way through! I've been using this polish on others and on my own nails/toes, so it's being used up like crazy. This will be the first polish I have ever finished. It is also the first polish to last 7 days on my nails with only one chip...incredible. I have mentioned this before, Paradoxal is permanent as of now.
3. MAC Fast Play - I have a post for this lippie coming up soon and it is yet another Amplified. A rosy-pink with brown base, I have been using it a lot this month. If you haven't noticed, I am fond of MLBB shades and this is another one that fits into the category.
4. Sebastian De-tangling Milk - I'm not sure how I feel about the name and appearance of this product but it really works for my hair. In the bottle, it looks like watered down milk. Yummy. It's not oily, the texture is almost like water actually. I have very, very long straight hair which can get very hard to brush through especially if a knot decides to suddenly grace me with its presence. I don't know if this is still available but I will also create a post for this soon.
5. MAC Sunbasque - I found myself reaching for this quite a bit. It is a Sheertone Shimmer and is quite bronze in tone. If I put too much on, it will turn orange once it sets into my skin. I did this by accident when I was in a rush one day and was horrified when my cheeks were tinged with orange. However, when applied softly it really adds warmth to my skin which is much needed during the cloudy and rainy days we've been having here. A post to follow.
6.  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte - I have finally deviated from my usual drink which is either a  Skinny Vanilla or Caramel Latte. I've been ordering these two for years but after hearing how delicious the Pumpkin Spice was, I had to try one. It is quite good, I had to get this half sweet because normal full sweet drinks from Starbucks are way, way to sweet for me. It is the perfect drink to accompany the fall weather =). I can't wait for the Holiday menu because I love the festive cups...

That's it for this month! Christmas is around the corner and I think I'll put the tree up this weekend! What are your favorites for this month? 

Friday, October 29, 2010

LASH: Estee Lauder Mascaras

      If you are Asian, you can probably relate. My lashes are stubbornly straight and do not hold curl AT ALL. I haven't come across a mascara that has been able to hold a curl and I have tried many. As of now, I've just given up and honestly, I don't really care if my lashes hold curl or not. Although, curling makes a big difference to the eyes! My favorite mascaras of all time belong to Estee Lauder, Sumptuous and Double Wear. I have mentioned CHANEL Inimitable before but I have run out and have yet to re-purchase so it won't be featured until I do. I have the full-sized versions of these but I don't want to open them before I use up all these sample sized ones. The quality is my opinion is the same in both full-sized and sample size.
       Even though my lashes are stubborn, they aren't too sparse or short. For some strange reason though, the lashes on my right eye are shorter than my left, which are a great length. WTF. It bothers me to no end, so I try to compensate by applying a second coat to the right eye =_='. I forgot to capture a shot of the Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus, which I use prior to any mascara. It creates a nice base and really lengthens the lashes. I always use two, I apply a volume boosting mascara and then a lengthening one. 
Top: Double Wear, Bottom: Sumptuous.
       You can see the differences in the brush, Double Wear is less wide and the bristles are thinner compared to the Sumptuous. Both of these brushes grab onto my lashes very well and application is a breeze. They don't clump even after two coats and my lashes feel conditioned and soft, not hard and crunchy. The composition of these two are not thick, they have the perfect consistency. Most importantly, they do not smudge even in humid weather and heat (on me anyways). I have heard that if you have a hard time holding a curl, you should use a waterproof version but I really don't care for waterproof mascaras. 
      The effect is noticeable and I hoped to capture a before and after pic but the weather and lighting are just not co-operating. It's been cloudy and rainy for the past week. It's Halloween weekend, so I am going to gorge myself with candy. In moderation, of course. 
 Products: 1. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Lifting Mascara - $23.50CAN; 2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Lengthening Mascara - $23.50CAN.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SKIN: I'm A Peach!

      Canada is my worst enemy when it comes to my skin sometimes. I live in Ontario where summers are as freakin' hot as a roasting oven and winters can be very cold. In between, you have erratic behavior like the weather can't make up its mind on what to do today. Rain? 70%? Nah, let's be sunny. The accuracy of The Weather Network can be laughable. No, it is laughable. The skin on my body can be dry, especially my legs and arms. My salvation from this is The Body Shop's Peach Body Butter:
       I've used many of their Body Butters since high school but Peach remains my favorite. I think this is only a seasonal edition because I can't seem to find it online or in stores anymore. I bought mine around Christmas time last year, so hopefully this will pop up again this year. It smells so wonderful and juicy, I could whiff it all day. It doesn't smell synthetic to me, it's a very pleasant scent unless you have a very sensitive nose. Peach is not oily like the Coconut or Olive Oil, it has a very thick consistency but melts into your skin when applied. 
Hmm, that looks kind of gross doesn't it.
       The only thing I do not like is the huge tub it comes in. The tub will last you a very long time even with daily use but I really don't think it's hygienic to keep dipping your fingers in it. Oh well, I do it anyways. With clean hands of course. My skin stays moisturized all day and the scent really does linger for a few hours which I love. I think the skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face, so please take care of it as well =D. 

Product: 1. The Body Shop Body Butter - $20CAN

Sunday, October 24, 2010

CHEEK: Welcome To Exhibit A

      I stopped by Sephora during the week because I wanted to check out the NARS blushers, one shade in particular. I don't know about you, but I really don't like to leisurely peruse through stores. I research what I want, go purchase it and leave. The longer I stay in a store, the chances of me getting a headache increases. I went to a Sephora in a bigger city and although it was only noon, the store was very busy. 
      Some idiot stole the Orgasm Illuminator tester but the SA there was so nice to go and try to find another in the back. After 10 minutes, she couldn't find any and profusely apologized for it. My experience at this Sephora has always been a great one luckily. Anyways...I ramble, sorry. 
     The culprit is Exhibit A - one of NARS most famous shades in their blush line. 
      Exhibit A is one of those "omgwtfitssoscary" sort of colors but these are the colors I gravitate towards. I do not like having to layer on blush for it to show, it's too time consuming for me. Exhibit A is a fire engine orange-based tomato red, which on the cheeks looks very natural because it is similar to the natural flush you get when you are outside in the cold. Well, for me at least >_<. 
      This is my first NARS product and I love this. The texture is smooth, silky and not at all powdery on the skin. I noticed that NARS blushers are not as densely packed into the pan, so if you drop this on a hard surface, it will most likely shatter. So, be careful. What you see in the pan is what you get on your skin. I use the MAC 116 to gently (barely touching) tap into the product. It blends so well and lasts all day even without a cream base. The pan holds 4.8g of product but this will last you a lifetime. It will work for both the palest and darkest skin tones.
Light swatch, blended out.
      The only thing keeping me from purchasing another (which I really want to do) is the stupid rubber packaging. It's supposed to make it more durable when dropped but seriously, it attracts every single speck of dust that I didn't even know existed. It also holds fingerprints so you can imagine how annoyed I am. I keep it in the original box so it's not as bad. However, I have read reviews stating that it may become sticky and melt(!). Way to go genius. 

Product: 1. NARS Powder Blush - $29CAN

Saturday, October 23, 2010


      I've always regarded this color as a strange one. It looks deceptively purple in the tube but on the lips it transforms into a beautiful mauve, albeit a bit on the purple side for me. Depending on your skin tone and lip pigmentation, it can pull more pink or purple so keep that in mind. I have seen this on both paler and darker skin tones and it is very pretty. The name is fitting too, Up The Amp is an Amplified formula. 
     It is one of the more popular colors and can be layered on sheer or opaque, I prefer the former just because it is too purple for me full on. I'm not one to swipe my lipstick more than twice (ever) anyways. I have seen women swipe on lipstick like nobody's business and I don't think it's necessary to have such a thick layer on the lips O_o. In the pictures below, I have swiped twice:
I'm sorry if you find the...detailing on my hands disgusting lol.
Dude, I can see every single crease...blame the Macro =D.
       The Amplified formula also stains whatever it touches, I had a hard time scraping rubbing it off my hand. This being said, Up The Amp looks amazing on the cheeks. Layered underneath a plum or purple tinged blush it amplifies the color (ha!). If you are looking for a fun color but you are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone at the moment, try this. It isn't Girl About Town or Full Fuchsia but it is a good start. 

Product: 1. MAC Lipstick - $17.50CAN

Friday, October 22, 2010


      This is my favorite lipstick ever by MAC, and it is one of the most underrated lipsticks in the permanent line. Cosmo is a shade that has been around for over a decade and with great reason. It is the ultimate "my-lips-but-better" shade for me, it is a tad more pink than my natural lip color. The resulting effect is very natural on me and it does not make me look like I'm wearing lipstick at all. It is perfect for those days where I don't feel like having anything obvious on my lips, which I prefer especially if I'm lazy or can't decide on what shade to wear =D. Even better, it is an Amplified. You get rich color and the creaminess that comes with this formula makes it very comfortable on the lips. 
       I hope that this lipstick will be around for a while longer, and I think it will. Unless MAC decides all of the sudden to discontinue this for some forsaken reason. I love this a lot, I have a back-up for my back-up =_='. I have started to apply lip balm underneath all my lip products because I feel that it increases the wear time and my lips don't peel! Before this, I would slick on some lip balm after exfoliating but I never leave it on when applying lip products. I tried this with a Glossimer today and the freakin' product lasted over 6 hours!!! :O. The heck, man. It isn't rocket science but I feel like I've discovered something new >: ).
      Hope you have a great weekend!  

Product: 1. MAC Lipstick - $17.50CAN

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


      Yes. Another post on CHANEL`s famous Paradoxal. I`m sure you are so sick of hearing about this product. `Paradoxal` is not a real word, but `paradoxical` is. I`m sure Chanel knew this when they so cleverly named this product. Also, when I watched YouTube videos containing this product many people used the word 'infamous'. Why? Has it done something wrong to garner a bad rep? It's incorrect. Hate me if you will = ).
      I skipped this when the Fall 2010 collection launched because at the time I was not into polish (and I'm still not) but also I refused to pay over $20CAN on one single nail polish. This was limited edition so I thought I missed my chance. It is now permanent of course =_='. I came home, tried it on, and I can see why people love this so much. 
       Truly, this color is gorgeous and bewitching. In the bottle, it is a perplexing shade. It is a mixture of muddy purple, grey, and taupe all wrapped up in shimmering red-violet. I also had a hard time trying to capture the complexity. Some reviews have stated that it is a mix of Vendetta and Particuliere. The shots above are in normal indoor daylight.
Indoors during the day: pretty...
On a windowsill in direct sunlight: you can see the red tones.
       This color looks much different in the tube than on the nails, it comes out much darker. Depending on what kind of environment and lighting you're in, this shade looks different as well. I have read numerous reviews and some were disappointed that the shimmer did not translate and can only be seen under direct sunlight. I personally love dark colors on my fingernails but I prefer not to have such obvious shimmer. I think the hidden shimmers really gives the product a mysterious feel. Also, because the shimmer is so fine and subtle, this can be worn to the office without being too distracting. 
Yeah...don't mind the shoddiness and the dent. I was in a rush lol.

I hate my stubby fingers...sigh.
       The bottle actually has two caps. The one with the logo can pop off, leaving another smaller cap behind. I use the smaller one so I have more control. The brush is very thin looking but covers the nail very nicely when brushed. I have wider nail beds, so this was fine. The formula was a bit tricky for me, it is not runny nor thin, but slightly thick. Not as thick as OPI though. The first attempt which you see in the shots above, I tried using it in thin layers. That was a streaky mess. I find that two medium-thick coats make it completely opaque. I used a base and top coat, which made it extremely shiny. I've been wearing this for 3 days now and there hasn't been any chipping. Many of the reviewers used Seche Vite for their topcoat and it seemed to make it chip much faster in my opinion.
      CHANEL makes some of the most glorious shades in their Le Vernis line and although I was hesitant at first, I have a feeling I will end up purchasing more. I am already eying Rouge Fatal. There are claims that there are dupes for this shade, particularly Dusty Mauve by Barry M, which I do not own. Chanel is Chanel, Barry M is Barry M. No dupe is a dupe unless it is *exactly* 100% the same in terms of everything. Call me a label whore but again, that is just my humble opinion =D. Thanks for reading! 

Product: 1. CHANEL Le Vernis - $26CAN

Monday, October 18, 2010

CHEEK: My Blush Brush

      Well, so much for an original title. I would like to share with you my favorite blush brush, the MAC 116. I know MAC also has the 129 and 131 brushes but this one is the best for me. I despise 'duo-fibre' or 'stippling' brushes because they just don't pick up enough product for my face. I have also tried the Dior Blush brush but that one was way too large for my liking. I have prominent cheekbones and this brush has the perfect amount of surface area when it comes to applying product. It's dense but not too dense, so it will work for sheer and pigmented blushes. I actually use this brush with pigments as well when I want to wear them on my cheeks. 
        I have noticed that this is a very soft brush, that is when you use it on the flat surfaces. If you try to apply using the very tips of the brush it actually kind of hurts to be honest. I'm assuming it is due to the way the little hairs are cut. I have no problems during washing and cleaning, it does not shed on me and it maintains the shape very well if you use this trick. dustyohunter has been mentioned before and if you still haven't checked his page out, definitely do so because he has great tips and tricks! 
       I have also used this as a highlighting brush and it works great! It is efficient at depositing product and it does not leave any product behind. I would hate having to clean off extra product if it clung onto the hairs after each use. Used over a cream base, I had no problems with applying a powder blush on top. It blends everything together so well. I haven't tried this with a cream product alone, I am a little hesitant to just because I don't think it would be sturdy enough. I could be wrong. So, if you are looking for a starter blush brush I would recommend this one. It is great quality, I've had this for about four years now and it still looks brand new (minus the label wearing off). Just make sure to take care of it properly. 
The white overlay has worn off, whoops.

Product: 1. MAC 116 - $38.50CAN

Saturday, October 16, 2010

LIPPIE: Les Tentations de CHANEL

      I finally had the chance to go and check out the Holiday collection from CHANEL. I love Desiree who works there, she's lovely and oh so friendly. She's been in the makeup industry since she was 16 years old and joined Chanel about 5 years ago. I make sure she's there every time I want to purchase something because she's just too nice =D. So enough rambling, for the past couple of weeks I have seen swatches and have read reviews so I knew what I was going in for. I loved the way Magnolia and Pink Pulsion looked so those were my picks.
      However, when I tried Magnolia on it pulled more cool than I expected. Which is sad because in the tube it is a nice pink. What was even more sad, Patchouli the other shade, didn't even show up on my lips no matter how many times I swiped it. Both of the lipsticks are very creamy and have shimmer in them. I may end up purchasing Magnolia to layer underneath Pink Pulsion. 
      On the other hand, I did leave with two Glossimers. Pink Pulsion which is a *stunning* shade and Pleasing, which surprised me. Pink Pulsion looks crazy bright in the tube, it is a red toned fuchsia with bright pink shimmers. Pleasing has a copper base and is very shimmery, showing hues of red, copper and brown shimmers. It is slightly frosty.
 Top: Pleasing, Bottom: Pink Pulsion (more fuchsia and pink in real life).
On my lips, Pleasing is a nice nude-pink gloss for me. The shimmers add a nice dimension to my lips and I love all the different colors in this shade. Pink Pulsion is much brighter in person than it is in the photo above but it is not as opaque as Pleasing. It is one of the sheerer Glossimers but seriously, this is so mesmerizing when worn. It instantly brightened up my face and another customer bought this without even trying it on after she saw me wearing it =D. It provided more color than I had expected actually so I'm quite happy with the opacity level. It reminds me of a much more toned down version of Venus and Pink Pulsion is one of my favorites now. 
       The photos above were taken in direct sunlight but I have a *very* difficult time trying to get the right shot in an attempt to make it as accurate as possible. Pink Pulsion's bright pink shimmers just did not capture and Pleasing is more complex. In my opinion, both of these are very Christmas and scream Holiday to me!
L to R: Pink Pulsion & Pleasing in direct sunlight.
Indoors, natural lighting.
      The texture is typical of Glossimers with the same squishy gel texture. I'm happy that the formula is consistent throughout collections. Overall, I love the items and I would have purchased the lipsticks as well if they weren't so sheer on me. If you want to purchase something, I suggest you go and check your local counter ASAP because my counter only received 4-5 items of each. She told me that they were limited in stock for the Holidays and they may not receive anymore. 
*EDIT* 10/20/10: I stopped by The Bay in a neighbouring city and picked up another Pink Pulsion. I <3 the way it looks on my lips and it is my new favorite Glossimer =D.  

Product: 1. CHANEL Glossimer - $31CAN

Friday, October 15, 2010

LIPPIE: Forgotten Lipsticks

       Continuing with the CHANEL Rouge Allure posts, I forgot to mention these two lippies before all the newer products. Les Impressions de Chanel was the Spring 2010 collection and within the collection four Rouge Allure lipsticks were released. I purchased Incognito and Impertinente, which sadly have been sitting in my drawers and have not been receiving too much love. It's not that I don't love these shades (I do, trust me!) but with all the releases this year it has been hard to use them all >_<. Now that Fall has had a good head start, these are perfect. 
Top to Bottom: Incognito and Impertinente.
       I would describe Incognito as a dusty pink rose which if you haven't noticed is one of my favorite shade ranges. I adore this lipstick for the very natural look it gives to the lips, a definite my-lips-but-better shade. Impertinente on the other hand is oh so elegant. It is much darker than Incognito, it is a plum with a hint of brown and red. It's really beautiful. It's not dark enough to be vamp but dark enough to add some depth. In the rush of things, I forgot to swatch so forgive me but I'm sure there are many swatches available online. 
L to R: Impertinente and Incognito.

      I cannot remember if these were permanent or not to the honest with you but check your local CHANEL counter if you're interested. I hope you don't mind all the Chanel lippie posts, I just <3 them.  

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Allure - $37CAN

LIPPIE: Use Your Imagination

      The CHANEL Rouge Allure formula is one of my favorites along with the Rouge Coco. It's not as 'hard' as the Rouge Cocos, it has more slip but it still manages to stay on my lips for around 4 hours. The colors are more sheer than the RCs as well. One of the standouts in my opinion is the shade 'Imagination', which is a lovely brightened pink. When I saw this shade, I thought I'd be way too pink on my lips but it is rather nice. The color sheers out and it is a soft yet noticeable pink. 
       There are many wearable shades in the line, some with shimmer and some without. If you are interested, KarlaSugar has great swatches of the shades here and here. She also has a post with the new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss as well which I adore. I just wished that Chanel would release more Rouge Allure shades to make permanent. The Fall and Winter collections both have Rouge Cocos, but I hope they don't continue this trend for 2011. I know the Spring and Extrait de Gloss collections have RAs but I'm greedy, I still want more >: ). 
      As many of you may know, the RAs have the most unique packaging. It is spring loaded much like a pen, with the lipstick case extending the entire length of the tube. You push down on the top with the engraved logo and out pops the lipstick. It keeps the lipstick safe in your purse, but really I love playing with it. 
      Just as a comparison because I know my photos aren`t the greatest, which is again due to my lack of skills, I have taken pictures of the past few lipsticks I have featured because they are all pink. Individually, at first glance they all look the same but they aren`t. 
L to R: Confidentielle, Imagination and Rose Dentelle.
       The shot above really shows the true color of each shade and you can see, they indeed are all different. Which is just an excuse for me to go and purchase another pink lipstick = ). If you're wondering, I always keep my products in their original packaging. It makes it easier to store things because every product of it's kind is the same shape. I don't like storing lip products label side up, it just bothers me. Also, because of the shiny exterior it is prone to scratches and keeping them in their boxes helps to eliminate this. Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading! 

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Allure - $37CAN

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LIPPIE: Rose Lace

      Yes, yes - yet another Chanel lippie. Sorry, can't help it ^_^. Along with the Glossimers that I bought from the Fall 2010 collection, I also purchased Rose Dentelle Rouge Coco. I believe the word 'dentelle' translates to lace in English but forgive me if I'm wrong. This lipstick is a beautiful color, it's quite neutral and is a rose with very fine shimmers in it. Chanel does shimmer exceptionally well and I've noticed that for the past couple collections including the Winter one coming up, shimmer is apparent in many of the products. I digress, there was also another shade called Chintz but that color was a little too peach toned for my liking even though I am warm. 
       On my medium pigmented lips though, this color is surprisingly cool. This happens to me a lot with pinks, even if the shade isn't too cool my skin tone still manages to pull out all the cool coloring in it thereby making it more blue based. I have started to purchase much warmer shades but I still love pinks =D. For reference, I am an NC35-40 depending on the season.
      As with all Rouge Cocos, it is smooth and pigmented while being comfortable at the same time. I do find that this particular shade and Chintz are much creamier than the ones that are in the original lineup. Both shades are permanent additions to the line as well, which I appreciate. I like wearing this alone but it looks even better with the Glossimer in Rose Dilemma on top. Together, they are *stunning*. If you are a fan of pinks, do check this one out. 
      Eventually, I will go back to try Chintz on and see how it is on my lips, so I may have a post for it in the future!  

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Coco - $38CAN

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LIPPIE: Revlon

    I'll be honest, I've never been much of a fan of drugstore items just because I am weary of what I put on my face. I noticed that many bloggers started reviewing Revlon's Super Lustrous and Colorburst Lipstick lines a while back, so I decided to give them a go. From all the reviews I've read so far on the Web and MakeupAlley, I have come to the conclusion that Revlon makes some of the best lip products available in the drugstore. First up are the Super Lustrous lip glosses:
 L to R: Pink Pop, Shine That Pink, Life's A Peach, Pearl Plum
    I currently have four, the other shades just really didn't appeal to me very much. Pink Pop was from the Summer 2010 collection and the shades within this collection were extremely popular. I don't know if they've made them permanent. It has a cream finish and gives a nice pop of pink (=_=' lol) to the lips. It reminds me very much of the Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Insolence. Shine That Pink is a medium rose-pink and has very fine pink shimmer. It's not as opaque as Pink Pop but still gives me some color. Life's A Peach has the same sort of finish as Shine That Pink, it's a great peach. Pearl Plum is dazzling in the tube, it has multi-colored shimmer and is quite opaque. 
      As for the texture and wear, in my opinion these are the drugstore equivalent of the Chanel Glossimers. I'm not saying they're dupes, I'm saying that the gel-like consistency is similar. It has the same squishy feeling. They aren't gritty (although Pearl Plum is slightly gritty). These do not last as long on my lips though, I'd say about 2 hours. They do however dry out my lips after the first hour which is a shame because the colors are nice. I purchased these from PharmaPlus when they had their lip product sale, I paid $3.99CAN while the original price is around $8CAN-$10.99 depending on where you go. I highly recommend these to anyone!
     Onto the Colorburst lipsticks:
   L to R: Peach, Mauve, Rosy Nude
   These took forever to launch in Canada and when they finally did, it was also during Rexall's sale so I scored these for only $3.99CAN as well. These are great lipsticks because they are smooth and creamy without being too drying. My lips do get dry and start peeling after a couple hours of wear but I would just take it off and re-apply. The only problem though, which annoys the crap out of me, is that after repeated use some of the colors end up like this: 
   Seriously, come on. I do not have this problem with lipsticks from Chanel, Dior or Guerlain and they are all equally as creamy. I don't even use that much pressure! The picture is deceiving because the Peach and Rosy Nude have actually broken off the base. Strangely enough, Mauve is completely fine...for now. 
   Peach is...well a peach with subtle shimmer in it. You can't really see them once it is on the lips. Mauve is a rose-mauve however this runs more purple on my lips. Rosy Nude is my favorite and it's a shame that it is in such condition! It's a beautiful rose-brown and I adore it. These aren't fully opaque, for the swatches below I had to swipe about 4x to get the color. 
   Overall, Revlon makes lovely lippies and I will purchase more shades if I find some that I like. However, I would not pay full price for these especially if the above happens to most of them. I'm sure in the States there are BOGO sales happening frequently so if you're interested, keep an eye out for them = ). Thanks for reading! 
EDIT: Yeah...about the Mauve. It broke the night of this post, *le sigh*. I won't be buying anymore.

Products: 1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss - $3.99-$10.99CAN; 2. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - $3.99-$10.99CAN.