Thursday, November 11, 2010

FACE: MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer

      Can I just tell you how obtrusively annoying it is to find a concealer that works? It's annoying. Over the years, I have tried many from drugstore to high-end and I was left unsatisfied. Now that I've found this, I won't be having this problem anymore. 
      MAC has a obscenely large range of base products. The shades are also one of the most extensive I have ever seen. For the longest time (during my years in high school) I used MAC's Select Moisturecover, which is the one in the tube with the doe foot applicator. I thought that it was the best. It wasn't. Select Cover-Up is. I use NW25. 
      I have mentioned before that I am around NC30 on my face and NC35-40 on my body depending on the season. To be honest, I don't really care nor believe in the way MAC labels their shades, "NC" or "NW" and whatever the heck is in between. It's too confusing. I buy the one that works for me because I have had MAC MA's recommend me a shade in "NC" that didn't even do anything. There are many who fall in between shades as well, from both NC and NW. Some may find that they have to mix shades to get a perfect match. Why doesn't MAC have an "N" selection as well, for neutrals?
     Select Cover-Up comes in a squeeze tube and contains a whopping 10mL of product (Select Moisturecover has half, 5mL for the same price). The tube has a very small opening which I like since it dispenses the perfect amount of product. 
      I have combination skin, the skin around my eyes isn't oily nor is it dry. I don't experience puffiness but I do have dark circles (the left is worse than the right =_=). They aren't too bad but concealing them a little really brings life to my face. Therefore, I can't say how this would hold up for someone who wants to cover up extremely dark circles. Rejoice! It does not settle or set into fine lines therefore, no creasing! I do use an eye cream underneath first but I have tried this without it, it does not crease on me. This also works well for covering up small blemishes. 
     The texture is smooth and the consistency is just perfect, it is very easy to blend. Studio Sculpt is much thicker while Select Moisturecover is thinner, this is right in between. Also, the product spreads extremely well. For the swatches above, I only used a pinprick amount to get the coverage noted above. It's insane. It lasts all day and does not oxidize. Select Moisturecover worked for me but it was non-existent at the end of a long day and it oxidized a little as well.  If you have dry skin or mature skin, Moisturecover will work well for you.
     Overall, this is a great product and is worth the money. I have not tried the new Pro Longwear Concealer but I am so pleased with this that I do not even want to try. If you are looking for a concealer and have not yet tried this, stop by MAC and ask for a sample. Try to get samples in multiple shades, I had to do this in order to find the right one. 

On a solemn note, today marks Remembrance Day. So please, take a moment out of your day to lament all the brave heroes who lost their lives in order to protect our country. You will not be forgotten.  

Product: MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer - $20CAN

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