Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FAVORITES: La Finale - December

     I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My sister and I went shopping in the GTA area on Boxing Day...and it was complete and utter madness. At one point, we had to yell because it was so loud. The sales (or lack thereof) were disappointing! We have finally reached the end of 2010, which is completely surreal to me since many events have occurred in my life this year. Looking back on it now, it flew by *so*`s ridiculous. Every year seems to go by quicker than the last. I wanted to share my final favorites for this year:

1. MAC Dreamy Lipglass - I have stated my undying loathe for MAC lipglasses before, but this shade is so gorgeous on that I can ignore that loathe while wearing it. I don`t remember when I purchased this but I recently discovered this in my collection. It`s a cool pink-toned lilac with shimmer. Since it is so pale and icy, I do not wear this alone. Over lipstick however, it`s ethereal.
2. Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Tender Mauve + Estee Lauder High Shine Gloss in Berry - That was lengthy. I discovered these at the bottom of my mom`s huge bag full of GWP items (it`s Christmas in there) and I adore them. Tender Mauve is a light warm pink with silver shimmer, Berry is a light pink with silver shimmer. Together, they make the perfect pale pink lip that makes me look alive! It`s completely flattering on my NC30 skin. 
3. CHANEL Glossimer in Charming - I picked up the final Glossimer that I was missing from the Holiday collection. Charming is a warm pink with multi-colored shimmer, but on the lips it is a barely there tint with high shine. It is seriously uber-dazzling in the tube and creates a very pretty low-maintenance look. Stunning, I don`t know why I missed this one.
4. NARS Blush Mata Hari - In the pan, it is a very cool lilac-toned pink...which is strange because on my warm skin it morphs into a pink-toned berry. This is such a unique color on my cheeks but it is not at all unwearable or unnatural. I think this is a nice shade to wear for the Winter months, it adds so much life.
5. The Body Shop Vanilla EDP - I`m not a huge fan of fragrances, partly because most of the time people spray way too much on and puts me off from them. I do love a good vanilla though. I love it in food, home scents and candles. This has been the only fragrance I have continually repurchased over the last 5 years. It`s a warm, rich vanilla and once it dries and settles into the skin, it smells heavenly. It lasts all day for me. By no means is it a complex scent, it`s just nice and simple.

I will have posts for the above items eventually (most likely in January sometime) so please look out for those if you are interested! I wish you all a very, very Happy New Years and I hope 2011 will be great for all of you! Be safe!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #11 - Mistaken Identity

    Hello. It's been awhile, I know. I'm sorry, it's been a busy week and Christmas is literally at the foot of the doorstep now! Everything is so festive, I'm basking in its' glory. My favorite part of Christmas is wrapping gifts and presents...I just can't stop, I end up wrapping things I shouldn't be wrapping ^^. To finish up my MUFE post, this is the last of the lot - Mistaken Identity. 
 It looks seriously dark and unattractive in the tub, but I assure you this is very, very natural. Sephora describes this as a 'redwood brown'. The photos are showing it to be a tad darker than it is in real life. I like wearing this shade underneath brown or red-based shades of blush, it really brings out the color. 
      It looks patchy on my hand, but none of the ones I`ve tried are patchy when applied to the skin. They are just so beautiful on and are akin to second skin on your cheeks.
     I have accumulated some items over the past few weeks that I just haven`t captured in photos yet, the lighting has been various during the day so I`ll get to that soon. In Canada, we have Boxing Day which is the equivalent to Black Friday in the States so I will be diving into the masses that day. It gets crazy but not as crazy when compared to the U.S. I think. I progressively get angrier and more tired as the day wears on...I really hope I can contain myself this year =). 
     I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if you do not celebrate, I still wish you happiness. I know this time of year can be hard for some, but the New Years will be bright. I also wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog!
Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN

Sunday, December 12, 2010

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #6 - Quickie

     I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I cannot believe it's less than 2 weeks 'til Christmas! Today, I wanted to continue with the MUFE HD Blush segment with Quickie (#6). Sephora describes this as a salmon pink:
     I think Sephora is accurate, it is a little more pink in real life than the photos are showing. I like using this as a base underneath peach, bronze and pinks. It's a simple, flattering shade that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Again, I am not going to re-iterate what I have already said about these. I love them and once I run out, I will purchase the full sizes. 
    On my cheeks, it definitely veers towards pink but it still works layered with the aforementioned blush shades. I don't believe in hardcore rules when it comes to makeup, so who says you have to layer a pink powder blush on top of a pink base? I like mixing it up, and the result can be beautiful. Don't be afraid to experiment! 
Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TOP 10: Overrated, Overhyped, Overestimated

     Have you ever felt that some things in life were just overrated? Tired of hearing about the same thing? Items that cause a mass frenzy, and you have no idea why? This is how I feel about the items below. Now don't hate, this is just my personal opinion. Some of the items I have featured on my blog may be one of these 'overhyped' products on another person's list. 

1. NARS Orgasm Blush - This did nothing for me. I seriously don't know what is so special about it. The shimmers in this blush give off an overly frosty sheen on my skin, not flattering at all. What's worse is the fact that only the shimmers were visible, the color didn't even show up.  
2. MAC Myth lipstick - I'm sorry but you might as well put concealer on your lips and call it a day. I imagine that a very fair skin gal would pull this off nicely but I've seen a number of people who look hideous in this. Sorry. It makes me look like a pornstar wannabe. I'll pass. I think it can be a great layering piece but when worn
3. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish -  I know some are avid collectors of these. I've never come across a single one I liked enough to purchase, all of them look so frosty and shimmery on my skin no matter how or what I apply it with.
4. Benefit blushers - I've tried most of the boxed blushers and I liked none of them. They aren't unique in my opinion and they don't do anything for my face. Coralista was straight out orange on my cheeks. Sugarbomb was more like a Glitterbomb.  
5. Forever21 - This chain was launched in Canada a while back and while I do admit that some of their pieces are extremely cute, I feel as though the quality is equivalent to horse crap. I don't get it. Some pieces had buttons missing, threads aloof, holes even. The Canadian prices aren`t exactly cheap either especially when compared to U.S. prices.
6. Twilight - Do I even need to go here? I think I've gotten my point across.
7. Reality TV Shows - Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, MTV Crap...sure it's fun to watch. I feel like I'm watching people make fools out of themselves...oh wait. This is precisely what they're doing. Pure trash. 
8. 3D - It's taking over. It's popping up everywhere now. I'm not a fan because I prefer the traditional 2D, some movies are just not meant for 3D. Also, it makes me nauseous. I watched The Last Airbender a while back and my lunch nearly came up. I had a feeling that the unsuspecting person in front of me would not enjoy that too much so I contained myself.  
9. Circle lenses - These are tremendously popular and it's shocking to see the difference it makes. I think the subtle ones are okay but the larger ones freak me out. I'll stick to my prescription lenses, thanks. 
10. Useless & Pointless or Obvious 'Studies' - This is probably one of my biggest annoyances. I do not disagree to the immense knowledge that is a study but sometimes...I question the said subject. Women are considered more attractive if they tilt their heads forward?! Or how about the correlation between alcohol consumption and impaired reasoning? You don't have to be Sherlock to figure that one out. How about using the money to make a difference in the world instead of telling me something I already know or don't give two craps about.  

Again, this list is just a personal list. Please do not be offended, as this is not my intention. There are things that I genuinely do not understand =). Have any to add? 

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #3 - Truth or Dare

     I featured Nip Slip yesterday, so if you would like more info on what I think about these products please check out that post. I think regurgitating that post is redundant so I won't be doing that =D. Truth or Dare (#3) is described as a 'hot pink' on the Sephora website. Believe me, it is what it says.
The pictures do not show the intensity of this shade, it really is quite bright! It's not too warm and not too cool, I think this would look marvelous on all skin tones. Fair gals, don't be afraid of this shade because it will look so fresh on the cheek especially for the winter months coming up! 
      I'm not intentionally flippin' you off...(although it's intentional in the sense because of my intention to this is the longest caption ever. Shut up Julie). 
    Did you catch how little product I used?? The amount above is way too much even for both cheeks, I nearly had a mini episode when I saw how pigmented this was on my cheeks. I looked like a clown. Lesson learned. That being said, I forgot to mention that these can be layered if you want a brighter look (well, I'm sure you figured that out by now >_>). This would look very nice with a pale pink lip.
     I have a few more shades to feature in this line coming up, so look out for those! 

Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN 

Monday, December 6, 2010

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #5 - Nip Slip

     I've been slacking, I know. I think posting everyday last month was extreme, so I've decided to slow down this month. I wanted to start my posts on the Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush, which I am smitten about. In my November favorites, Nip Slip (#5) was my pick. 
 I created my own labels, since Sephora's sample containers do not have a label on the bottom.
     On Sephora's website, this is described as a 'neutral pink'. On MUFE's website though, the blushers do not have names, just numbers. Nip Slip is a very flattering shade on my NC30 skin, and I think this is suitable for all skin tones. The texture is creamy, but once you start to work it into the skin, it becomes quite thin. 
     For me, I like to use my (clean, of course) fingers to apply because it blends in very well when it comes in contact with the warmth from my finger. It sets fairly quickly, so you do have to move a little quicker than you normally would. It dries to a clean finish,  but some are matte and some have VERY fine micro-shimmer in them. Nip Slip is one of those. It's not oily and the result is superbly natural. My cheeks can be slightly dry or slightly oily, but this applies effortlessly each and every time.
      Please don't mind my atrocious nail in the photo above =). I don't wear foundation so I can't tell you how this applies over a base. I do use moisturizer and this went on like a dream. Now, I'm sure you have heard about the fabled pigmentation of these blushers and let me tell you, they're true. I have product on my index finger in the shot and you can see how little product I have on there. Believe it or not, it is enough for BOTH cheeks. 
     I have blended it out onto my hands and you can see how natural the finish is. It is not powdery. I have used this alone and under powder blushers, both yield the same effect: it lasts alllll dayyyy longgg even without a powder to set. I do not see myself using up the sample sizes anytime soon, especially since the samples are so generous. 
    If you are looking for a cream-to-powder finish with extreme pigmentation, these are worth checking out. The only thing I see as being a potential problem is the application process. For those who are used to having more time to blend out product, this may be a little tricky for you. That and the stupid friggin' pump that it comes with (on the full-sized). 
    All the shades in the line I tested were very pigmented but some are even more pigmented than others. Just wait until you see #3 - Truth or Dare in tomorrow's post! 
Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


     It is the final month of the year and I am feeling the holiday spirit. It's busy everywhere this time of year, with many locations opting to hold extended shopping hours (lucky me!). This post is going to allude my previous post of a NARS lipstick that I purchased. I mentioned that I would be picking up Mindgame once I found it, so here it is! 
     This lipstick was highly elusive, it took me forever to find this shade. Sephora describes this as a sheer warm brown...and that's exactly what it is. Mindgame is a 'Sheer', the color needs to be built if you want the true color to show. This takes about four swipes for me. I like the Sheer formula because it isn't nearly half as drying as the Semi-matte or Satin finishes.
  Ignore the pink stain on my hand, the culprit was an MUFE HD blush.
      I forgot to mention this in the 'Falbala' post but once the initial glossiness wears down (~2 hours for me) the color stains the lips. Which I think is kind of odd for such a sheer formula. Or maybe my lips are odd. Layered underneath a gloss, this hangs around for about five hours. CHANEL Pleasing Glossimer looks gloriously glam over this. 
    I really love this shade, it reminds me of a less intense version of my beloved Kraft lipstick by MAC. I'll definitely check out more shades in the future. What are your favorites by NARS?  

Product: NARS Lipstick - $30CAN