Wednesday, December 1, 2010


     It is the final month of the year and I am feeling the holiday spirit. It's busy everywhere this time of year, with many locations opting to hold extended shopping hours (lucky me!). This post is going to allude my previous post of a NARS lipstick that I purchased. I mentioned that I would be picking up Mindgame once I found it, so here it is! 
     This lipstick was highly elusive, it took me forever to find this shade. Sephora describes this as a sheer warm brown...and that's exactly what it is. Mindgame is a 'Sheer', the color needs to be built if you want the true color to show. This takes about four swipes for me. I like the Sheer formula because it isn't nearly half as drying as the Semi-matte or Satin finishes.
  Ignore the pink stain on my hand, the culprit was an MUFE HD blush.
      I forgot to mention this in the 'Falbala' post but once the initial glossiness wears down (~2 hours for me) the color stains the lips. Which I think is kind of odd for such a sheer formula. Or maybe my lips are odd. Layered underneath a gloss, this hangs around for about five hours. CHANEL Pleasing Glossimer looks gloriously glam over this. 
    I really love this shade, it reminds me of a less intense version of my beloved Kraft lipstick by MAC. I'll definitely check out more shades in the future. What are your favorites by NARS?  

Product: NARS Lipstick - $30CAN

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  1. This is the ultimate everyday lipstick for me! Looks great on everyone, no matter your skin tone! A must have!