Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TOP 10: Manga

      I'll be starting a new and random series that I have so awesomely titled "Top 10...", simple yet effective. It'll be a mash up of beauty, food, movies etc. I think this is a great way to let readers know more about the person behind a blog without divulging too much personal info. I don't know if this has been done already (because I haven't seen any), so I'm sorry if this has already been done >_<. For those who have read my Intro I and II, you'll know that I'm a big fan of manga/manwha. Here are some of my favorites: 

 1. Naruto (ongoing) - A very popular shounen manga, it really has a lot of action and depth in my opinion. The humor in this one can be quite funny as well. The only thing I do not like is the fact that Sasuke-kun gives off an emo vibe every time he makes an appearance -_-'.
2. Bleach (ongoing) - Along with Naruto, these two (along with One Piece) are very weighty within the manga industry. The Aizen Arc thing was a disaster, the longer it dragged on, the less sense it made. Since this arc has finally ended, I really hope Kubo gets with it. So, Tite Kubo if you're reading (a 0.00000001% chance), don't disappoint me >: ). 
3. Claymore (ongoing) - One of the reasons why I like this so much is the fact that most of the characters are female. I find that it's rare to have a nearly-all female manga that does not have some form of ecchi in it. This is definitely action. No romance, no comedy. Pure action, which I appreciate. 
4. The Breaker (completed) + The Breaker: New Waves  (ongoing) - A manwha, this is a continuation of 'The Breaker', which is mainly martial arts/ability based action. The first one was bloody and made of awesome so I'm hoping this one will be too. So far, I really enjoy it.
5. Veritas (completed) - Another manwha, this one was recently completed. This and 'The Breaker' are similar in terms of the style and premise. The only thing I have a hard with are the romanization of Korean names, they can be long and confusing. 'Veritas' is the goddess of truth. Apparently, Part II is in the works for the future.
6. xxxHOLiC (ongoing) - This has to be one of my all-time favorites. For those who are familiar with CLAMP and their works (Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles) this is a great manga. The philosophy, ideas and meanings behind the chapters are very deep. I also adore CLAMP's art.
7. Kekkaishi (ongoing) -  If I could classify this one, it would be supernatural. The two main protagonists are 'kekkaishi', who use a skill called  'kekkai' (magical barrier) in order to protect their land from creatures. Ok, that was the worst summary ever but I assure you, this is great.
8. D.Gray-Man (ongoing) - A while back, I was surprised to find out that the creator is this manga is a female, for the longest time I thought the creator was a male LOL! I love the semi-religious motifs and themes, the main being evil (Millennium Earl) versus good (Exorcists).
9. Holyland (ongoing) - Another based on fighting and adapting various martial arts + street fighting, I really enjoy the character development of the protagonist in this. The descriptions and explanations can be confusing for me and I wonder if they work in real life...
10. Yakitate!! Japan (completed) - My favorite manga dedicated to food. To be specific, bread. It's hilarious to the point where I'm crying at some points and some of the recipes you can actually use at home! 
Honorable Mention: Ghost In The Shell 
If you like science fiction with an edge, this is it. I enjoyed the manga but I also enjoyed all of the movies that were produced. In fact, I think I'll go and re-watch some of the films. It's been a while.
Wow...this post is much longer than I thought. Whoops, forgive me. Many of the said manga above have an anime adaptation, which is great because some series deserve to be on TV =D. It's great to see the action animated. The list is also in no particular order, I love all of them equally because each are unique (I lie, I do like some more than others =O). Plus, I have more but this is a Top 10 after all. By no means am I an expert, I just read them so I may have added mistaken info! I did my best to describe the series but you really have to check them out for more details! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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