Sunday, November 14, 2010

CHEEK: I Was So Brash & Bold, I Pushed Her Over The Edge.

      Like my title? I have no idea what it means, I just needed to have two product names included in the same sentence. It sounds like I pushed someone off a cliff or something. Either that or I pushed someone's buttons so much that they wanted to kill me. I assure you, I'm not psychotic. 
      MAC really has to stop recycling products and releasing collections every freaking 2 weeks. I've become so bored with them, I did not buy from Fabulous Felines, Venomous Villains (Strange Potion is calling me though...) or A Tartan Tale. I hope 2011 will fare better for me. I did however, ask for samples of Brash & Bold and Push The Edge. She was very generous! These were released in the Venomous Villains collection in Dr.Facilier's mini-collection. I believe that these two pigments have been released in a previous collection.
      The deep, dark violet purple with blue undertones is Push The Edge. The gorgeous deep strawberry pink is Brash & Bold. If you have not caught on yet, I love wearing pigments on my cheeks as blush. You're probably thinking: Ok, I understand the pink but the purple?!. I have tried this over a plum/raisin/raspberry blush and it really adds another dimension to the shade. Used sparingly, it is lovely. I know this isn't for everyone though =D. 
       Both pigments are great in texture, smooth and easy to blend. They do stain, I had a hard time getting them off after swatching. I tried to capture the shimmers, Brash & Bold has very fine golden shimmer while Push The Edge has blue shimmer. Both are not frosty at all, although Push The Edge has a slight metallic finish. They can also be used wet, Push The Edge would make a stunning liner.
      I do like the fact that MAC releases a diverse range of pigments, some can be very complex. All my pigments are sample sized because realistically, I would never be able to finish a full-size. Even my favorites, such as Neo Orange and Magenta Madness are sample sized! I'm not anywhere close to finishing either of them!

Product: MAC Pigment - $23.50CAN


  1. Push The Edge is perfect violet, love the colour. I'd love to see it swatched over the blush.

  2. @Liene - Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I will definitely try to include it in one of my future posts =D. It's lovely!