Monday, November 8, 2010

TOP 10: Video Games

      I've always been interested in video games for as long as I can remember. There's something about them that attracts me, whether it is the graphic and design content, the characters, the atmosphere, the story - the list goes on. RPGs are my favorite type of game because they allow for much longer game play - they tend to be more intricate in terms of the features within the game. The longest time I have is for Final Fantasy XII - 120+ hours. Yeah, I have no life. I am also a notorious 'grinder' - I repeatedly go and fight monsters because I like leveling and being completely overpowered for the level. I can go for hours and hours like this without ever advancing the story. I am going to start this list with my very first RPG:

1. Legend of Legaia (PS1) - Holy crap, this game is old. Made in 1998, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I loved the use of ridiculously long combo Arts and monster assimilation. Yes, I leveled all of them to Level 99. For the record, the graphics were great for their time =). 
2. Parasite Eve II (PS1) - This is considered a survival horror and is much different than Parasite Eve I. This reminded me of Resident Evil (which I am not a fan of) in terms of the monsters and battles. I unlocked Nightmare mode but there's no way in hell would I ever even attempt to get through it. I was so happy when they released the trailer for Third Birthday, the upcoming sequel.
3. Final Fantasy FVII (PS1) - This game is legendary and to some, overrated. However, this was a huge step up from FFVI in terms of development and graphics (for the time). It also contains one of the biggest "What The F***" moments as well, the classic Sephiroth-stabbing-Aerith-and-killing-her scene. WTF indeed.
4. Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) - I love this as much as I love FFVII. Yet another huge leap in graphics (ridiculously blocky hands to not-so-bad blockiness). Through tedious hard work, I was able to get all of the Ultimate Weapons for my characters. Yes, I am proud. The story and Limit Breaks in this game were some of the best in my opinion as well.
5. Legend of Dragoon (PS1) - Created in 1999, this game was love. The characters were great and while the story was just so-so, the gameplay and battle system made up for it. I loved the use of individual colors for the characters .
6. Chrono Cross (PS1) - When I finally got that 45th character (multiple playthroughs mind you) I sighed a big sigh of relief. If you haven't noticed, I have an uncontrollable urge to try and get 100% everything in every game. All the elements in this game were very well thought out and the story was strong. The OST for this game is also one of the best I've ever heard.
7. Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) - Ok, so before this I really believed that Halo was just an overrated game. I have played Halo 2 and Halo 3 : ODST and the story in these games did not make sense to me at all even though they were fun to play. Reach is a prequel and I found the story simple to follow and it made Halo less hazy. Master Chief...I love his design.
8. Xenosaga Episode I - Der Wille zur Macht (PS2) - KOS-MOS is one of the most beautiful character designs I have ever seen. While I enjoyed Episode I, Episode II and III just failed. I don't know what happened (WTF is up with the design in Episode II?!?). I believe the title is a reference to Nietzsche.
9. Tales of Destiny II (a.k.a Tales of Eternia) (PS1) - When I first played this game, I was enamored at how cute it was! The battles were hectic as hell though, there's so much going on that the whole screen is filled to the brim. Especially if you spam skills, which is what I did =D. 
10. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube) - How could I leave out the adorable Link? He's so small in this game, I'd like to have him in my pocket. The use of cel-shading is gorgeous and this was just a very, very fun game to play. It's one of Gamecube's best games in my opinion.
      Many of the above games are now collector's items and can be very hard to find and even if you do find them on Ebay, some go for extreme prices. The above summaries are not reflective of the games at all, you really have to play them and see for yourself. Of course, it is a personal list and some may not agree to the items I chose. I play some games for the story and complexity and others just because they're fun (Resistance, I'm looking at you).
      I loved the games that came out for the PS1/PS2, I find that the RPG games for the PS3 aren't the same (well, except for Final Fantasy XIII of course). I don't own a PS3/Xbox 360 myself but me and my BF complete games over at his place since he owns both consoles. I find myself in awe at the quality of graphics that is the PS3 but the load time for some games is just ridiculous. I know it's 2010 but please don't forget the games of the past =D.
      I wonder what the PS4 will look like? The only things that are feasible would be faster load times or 3D graphics...which seem to be all the rage (that of which I am not a huge fan of). What are your favorites?
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