Saturday, November 20, 2010

LIPPIE: Estee Lauder GWP Lipsticks

     I hope everyone is having a good start to their weekend, I know I am =D! Me and my mom always try to buy skincare during GWP events because 99% of the time, they contain mini versions of the skincare products we use. I never paid attention to the lipsticks before just because most of the time, they were colors that were truly unappealing to me. These two however, are nice:
      I've only tried one Estee Lauder lipstick before, the Pure Color Gloss Stick. By name, it really isn't a lipstick. It's more of a gloss with some color. So I have nothing to compare these to within their lipstick line because I've never tried them. 
L to R: Nectarine, Autumn
      The shot above is accurate, you can also see the specks of shimmer throughout the lipstick. Nectarine is a bright coral-peach with gold shimmers, Autumn is a deep bronzed berry also with gold shimmers. I think these colors are great for the Holidays, they are rich and pigmented. I was also surprised at how smooth they went on since they look so dense in the tube. The shimmers are abundant but aren't too noticeable when worn, the finish is slightly shiny. 
  L to R: Nectarine, Autumn in direct sunlight.
     The downfall with these lipsticks is that they do dry my lips out after about an hour of wear. Even with a layer of lip balm underneath, after the 3rd hour my lips were starting to peel. I experimented by applying some gloss on top, this seemed to help seal in some moisture. I get about 4 hours of wear with these lipsticks, they stain as well. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that the shimmers migrate slightly past the lip line. The disco ball mouth is not hot. Trust me. 
    I won't be purchasing these in the regular packaging because I simply don't think they're worth the $30 for something that makes my lips peel. I am interested in the Pure Color Crystal lipsticks though...
P.S. The BOGO promotion that Starbucks is currently holding ends tomorrow! For those who aren't aware, it is buy one get one free Holiday drinks from 2-5pm. My mom loves the Caramel Brulee Latte. Grab a friend and go get yours =D. 
Product: Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick - $30CAN. The lipsticks here were included in a GWP.  

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