Friday, November 5, 2010

TOP 10: Websites

      I wanted to list some of the websites I find myself visiting on a daily basis. None of them are beauty related because there's just too many (waaay more than 10, just look at my blog list!). This is more like a reference point for the people who care to care, =D.

1. Random Curiosity - I love this site, even with it's new blog writer! A great reference for those who want to be in the know with the latest anime and manga chapters. In no way is this site comprehensive, it focuses on specific series for the anime seasons. However, I love reading the posts anyway!

2. Rotten Tomatoes This site is definitely comprehensive! If you are looking for a review or just wanting to find some information on a movie, this is the site to check out. The number of reviews on this site is absolutely astounding. I use this sometimes to judge whether or not a movie is worth seeing (sometimes, not all the time!), regardless of the fact that all the reviews are biased in some way. It's just inevitable. 

3. i am neurotic I like this one because the content makes feel normal. Well, no not really. Some of the comments are hilarious. It does comfort me though, knowing that there are people just like me out there. People who hate asymmetrical things for example. Wait, I'm asymmetrical...therefore, I hate myself? Logically, this would make sense...

4. Kotaku - My go-to site for anything and everything that is related to video games and the industry. The number of posts that go up in one day is astounding. Sometimes, I can't keep up! 

5. This Is Why You're Fat Reminds me of the things to avoid...either that or I just love looking at food, regardless of how weird/disgusting/crazy it looks. 

6. YouTube You didn't think I'd leave this out did you? I think YouTube is genius and revolutionary, think of all the people who have gotten famous because of YouTube. Or of all the videos that have become viral. Or just the weirdness that people post up on there. But, I'm pissed off because there are now freakin' 'commercials' that you have to sit through preceding some videos. Seriously?? I don't care about some mascara (as much I like using it!). 

7. Wikipedia This is a given. Period.

8. Gamefaqs Yes, I use walkthroughs. Partly because I want to know where to go and what I need to do but also because I like to be thorough. I appreciate the effort and time people spend in creating these, because frankly some games are very long and tedious. This site has saved me plenty of times and has prevented me from throwing the controller at the screen.

9. Mangafox - I pick up most manga chapters here. It is updated frequently and is quite the database for completed and ongoing manga. This site is just one of many that are out there, however I like the layout and ease of browsing.

10. Chow Times One of my favorite foodie blogs ever. Ben and Suanne give the most detailed reviews of different eateries and the photographs are always top notch. I also love the fact that they also blend in easy recipes that you can use in your own kitchen. What's even more impressive is the fact that they are based in Vancouver, B.C. Love fellow Canadians! 

As much as I enjoy reading website content and posts, I find that the reader/viewer comments are usually very entertaining. Especially on YouTube and Kotaku. Some of them are just plain hilarious. Reminds me that there are many types of people out there. Hey, variety is the spice of life I guess!

I realize that some will find this type of post completely useless, I say 'Oh well' to that =). What sites do you like to visit? Let me know! Have a great weekend everyone!

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