Monday, November 8, 2010

NAILS: Bored? Customize Your Shades!

      Although there are beautiful nail varnish colors out there that look gorgeous on their own, I find that I get bored of the same colors. Mixing nail colors is the solution to this problem. I find that most nail varnish formulas are compatible together but I think you have to take into consideration the texture and viscosity as well. For example, I wouldn't mix two thick formulas together because it would just get too goopy. I can't be bothered with nail thinner either, although you could do this to thin it down. A thick and slightly thinner formula are perfect to mix. You don't need to stick to just using two shades either, add as many as you want!
      Think about the color you want to achieve. Have fun! I love playing around with different ratios to see what color it will yield. You want purple? Mix red and blue together. Simple, right? =D. I'd like to share what's on my nails and toenails right now because I think they're just so pretty.
      On my nails, I used Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Blazing Blue with some cheapie Sation varnish in Ruby Frost (it may be cheap but this shade is lovely). I mixed 5 drops of the red with 1-2 drops of blue. I suggest you use a little dish to mix in, something that isn't paper because it'll absorb too much product. As the batch dries though, you may find that you will have to make more because it has gotten thick. This is the result:
      I tried very hard to capture the different colors but it was really hard! It's a very deep red-toned purple. There's red, gold, blue and green shimmers which makes for (I think) one of the prettiest colors I've ever seen. However, I think a shade like this is already out there =D. Next time I'm going to add more red.
      On my toes, I have on Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin' Jade (gorgeous!) and Cosmo Champagne Brunch. I mixed 5 drops of green with 3 drops of gold. The result is a deep smoked-out forest green with a foil effect. Gold, green and red are in the mix. I was so surprised at how this combination turned out that I'll be wearing this on my nails next time!
      Both shades look different depending on how much lighting there is. For both types of nails, I used: 1 coat base, 2 coats color and 1 top coat. I'm on day 3 now and there's no chipping whatsoever. I wanted to mention that Sally Hansen's wide brush is my favorite type of brush for nail polish. I have wider nail beds, so this brush allows me to apply one perfect coat in nearly one stroke. For those who have smaller nail beds, this may be difficult to use. 
      What are your favorite shades to mix? Happy Monday! Christmas is 6.5 weeks away!

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