Sunday, November 21, 2010

LIPPIE: MAC Gave Me A Strange Potion...

     I know I said that MAC is getting too used to recycling and that I was getting a tad bored with their recent collections. I let myself wait a couple of months to see if I changed my mind on this item. Of course, I caved in. I was very surprised that this was still in stock, from what I heard this particular gloss sold out in a matter of hours in the U.S. 
     I do love the name, I find it very fitting for the Evil Queen. However, what I do not care for is the packaging. I know people have complained about the packaging but Disney probably had a firm hold on how they wanted MAC to display the products. Guess they don't like change too much. I am personally not a big fan of Disney so I could care less. I must say though...she's looking pretty angst driven on the tube. Disgruntled even.  This I can handle, the other images for the rest of the Villains were just plain fugly.
WTF you looking at?! (Are those pixels I see?!).
     In the tube, it is a very peach and pink based coral. It's not the most unique shade, but this is now one of my favorite glosses. This is saying a lot because I dislike MAC lipglasses... a lot. They're so damn sticky, they make my lips peel, and I end up eating my hair for dinner sometimes because it attracts everything. The texture of this gloss is a little less tacky and more creamy, therefore it does not make my lips peel! I get about 4.5 hours of wear with this alone. 
      It's hard for me to find a peach shade that actually looks peach when worn. This is the perfect peach on my lips. I have also worn this over CHANEL Rouge Allure lipstick in Confidentielle, it was divine. Some people have stated that this is shimmer-free, to which I disagree. The silvery-frost sheen seen in the tube comes from the fine silver shimmers in the gloss. It's not frosty on my lips at all.  The pigmentation is great, I only need a dab to get semi-opaque coverage on my medium pigmented lips (this can easily be completely opaque). 
      I previously owned Fold and Tuck from the Pret-A-Papier collection, that was too orange. I also had Perennial High Style from the Give Me Liberty of London collection, but that was too pink. This is so flattering against my skin, and I already have a back-up. If you want this and if you can still find this, don't hesitate! Have a Happy Sunday!

Product: MAC Lipglass - $18.50CAN ($17.50 normally, $1 increase for this collection).  

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