Thursday, November 25, 2010

LIPPIE: Rimmel Burgundy Lustre

     I was browsing the drugstore for a top coat when I came across this. I was strangely attracted to it for some reason. This is my only Rimmel lipstick, I'm quite fond of the color. 
     In the tube, it appears to be very dark and vamp. A berry plum with lovely pink-red shimmer, it sheers out once on the lips but can be layered to achieve a very intense look. Burgundy is an appropriate name, if this is what Burgundy looks like:
    Close enough. A tad more brown than purple.
     I swiped this lipstick 4x in the shots above, so it is sheer. The Moisture Renew formula is nice because it's shiny, emollient but very thin in texture. For those with non-flaky, non-peely lips. Sadly, this does dry out my lips after the first hour and the longevity of this lipstick isn't great. By the second hour, I was left with a mere hint of color. I have tried the Lasting Finish lipstick in Airy Fairy before (which is overrated) and loathed the formula. I felt as though I was painting myself with some thick varnish. 
    This lipstick does have a very heavy floral-esque fragrance which is too strong for my liking. It disappears after 10 minutes but the initial hit is intense. To me anyway. I bought this for dirt cheap, $3CAN when it was on sale. I like the color enough to buy it again and for the price, I shouldn't be complaining. If you are looking for a Holiday shade that isn't red, try this one out.

Product: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - $2.99-6.99CAN.
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