Sunday, November 7, 2010

FOOD: Egg Tarts

    I don't have time to do a full post today, so I'll leave you with a piece of my gluttony instead =). Behold one of the greatest creations in cuisine:
       ...that is the Egg Tart! The above container holds 6 tarts and I could eat the whole damn container if I wanted to. If you don't know what egg tarts are, they are pastries filled with egg custard. They are well loved in Hong Kong, I would love to travel there just to devour all the yummy pastries they have. Egg tarts are widely available now and my family purchases them from T&T Supermarket. T&T is a Canadian superamarket chain, and is now owned by Loblaws. It sells Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese...almost every type of Asian cuisine you can think of.
      They come in different flavors as well, I've seen Milk and Green Tea but I think the original is the best. It's not too sweet, it has just the right amount of sweetness so it doesn't become cloying. The crust is super flaky and I think egg tarts are best eaten when fresh. However, they still taste good even if they've been in the fridge =D. 
Mmm, look at the flaky goodness.
      The next time you see these, try them out if you haven't already done so. You won't be disappointed! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
       By the way, if you haven't heard or seen any CHANEL Spring 2011 info yet, check out Amy's (CafeMakeup) post here. Needless to say, I cannot wait until Spring now =D.

Product: 1. Egg Tarts - $5.99CAN for 6, $Varies

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