Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CHEEK: CHANEL Tweed Fuchsia

      Another item I picked up from the Holiday collection is the Les Tissages de Chanel - Tweed Fuchsia Duo Effects Blush. I wasn't going to pick this up but I had Desiree apply it on my cheeks and it was instant love. The Tweed blush collection replaces the now long discontinued Irreelle Blush. The Joues Contraste blushers seem to overshadow the Tweeds and I can see why. I believe there are only four permanent shades of Tweed, all of them being inferior to the Joues Contrastes in terms of pigmentation. I swatched all the Tweeds and could not even get them to show up on my hand. Or maybe they were 'stale' from being on the display for so long O_o. The Tweeds also do not have the same 'glow' so to speak that the Joues Contrastes do.
Yes, it is limited edition. The foreboding two words.
       First, can I just tell you about the awesome packaging that is CHANEL? I am a sucker for really nice packaging which is one of the reasons why I love this brand. It's simple, sleek and timeless just like Coco Chanel herself. All of the single eye shadows, quads, compacts and blushes (am I missing anything?) come with their own little velvet pouch. You probably all know this >_<. It's a thin velvet and some may find it useless. I however, love this detail because it keeps dust from collecting and well, it looks nice =D. The velvet pouch itself is a dust whore though. Yes, I realize I used 'Chanel' and 'whore' in the same paragraph. 
      Now, onto the product. I immediately pictured this when I first opened the compact:
From CHANEL 2011 Cruise Collection.
      ...which was intentional, I assume. I am not particularly fond of Tweed jackets but I am fond of this product. It comes with a mini brush, which is useless, and a plastic cover. 
      The photos are a tiny bit washed out, the fuchsia is much brighter in real life. All photos were taken inside in natural lighting unless stated otherwise (this goes for all my photos =D). You can see the duo effect, the light baby pink patches with the fuchsia ones. The gold you see on top is just an overlay, I haven't swatched it because there's no point since it'll be all shimmer. I will do a swatch once I use it up more.This blush is gorgeous.
      On the cheeks, the shimmer is subtle and you won't see the particles unless you're standing right up against a mirror. The tester I swatched was well loved, it is a beautiful deep, bright fuchsia. Since mine is new, this shows up as a light pink on the cheeks. The powder is very smooth and soft, very finely milled. Unlike the permanent Tweeds, Tweed Fuchsia is very, very pigmented.
In direct sunlight, the shimmers are beautiful!
       From what I have read, the Tweed Duos are two toned in the pan once you use up the top layers hence the name. However, I noticed that the tester was just fuchsia near the bottom of the pan and the shimmers minimally ran throughout the entire blush. Desiree told me that this is the first Tweed to have the same color all the way down the pan. I'm not sure if this is 100% correct, but from what I've seen myself I think it's safe to say so.
      The shade is very bright and cool, but I am warm and it looks beautiful on. It wore well all day and the shimmers didn't migrate all over my face. This shade will look lovely on every skintone and to emphasize my point you can view it on Amy's daughter Liz (CafeMakeup), Christine (Temptalia) and Karen (Makeupandbeautyblog). All three of them have different skintones but all look gorgeous with this on!
      I have stated, this is limited edition so grab it while you still can if you are interested! One last pic in direct sunlight:

Product: 1. CHANEL Blush Duo Tweed Effect - $52CAN 

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