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TOP 10: Literature & Art

      I am not good at math or sciences. In fact, I hate math. Chemistry is the only subject I can do. I guess this goes against the typical Asian stereotype...unfortunately not all Asians are good at math ok? I excel in Art, Music and English. I'm sure that this is not even worth bragging about =_=. I had to think long and hard about the items to include in this post because frankly, there are too many and I feel as though they all deserve a mention. I am by no means, a literature connoisseur or aficionado. I`m just a reader. From when I was about 9 years old up until the beginning of university, I loved going to libraries. I browsed for hours and at the end of every trip I would have a truckload of books. Some of them were probably inappropriate for my age, mind you ^_^. Now? I scarcely read books because I tend to read in bulk. If I start reading a book, I'll end up reading 10 books and then none for a year! >_>. Anyways...

1. The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald (1925) - I first read this in Grade 9 for an English assignment. It's a short novel, around 200 pages or so. It's considered a literary classic, I loved this novel for the complexity and depth of the characters. Every character had a purpose and meaning, there were no 'fillers'. A central theme is the fabled 'American Dream'. 
2. Lord of the Flies, William Golding (1954) - Yet another novel I read for an English assignment. Caught on yet? =D. If I were to sum up this novel with one word it would be 'disturbing'. Throw a bunch of male students on a desolate isolated island and watch them slowly drain themselves of their own sanity. It's truly disturbing on different levels. For some reason, it reminds me of Battle Royale, the film. 
3. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury (1953) -  I was introduced to this by my sister because she needed to read it for school. Technically, I stole it from her...minor details. I had to re-read certain parts in this book in order to decipher what it was really trying to say. On the surface, it portrays a dystopian universe but there is a significantly deeper meaning underneath it. Loved this. 
4. Beowulf, Unknown (very, very old ancient) - This isn't a novel, it's an epic poem but it I still included this because this piece really intrigued me. As I read this, the lines came to life and you're thrust into the world of a hero. There is a movie counterpart with Angelina Jolie in it but that was absolutely horrendous. 
5. Idoru, William Gibson (1996) - This is actually the second part of a trilogy, but I liked this one the most. If I were to categorize this, it would be sci-fi-cyberpunk. It is centered around an Idoru, a virtual reality star that is loved by Japan. 'Idols' are huge in Asian countries, and this novel reminded me of the chaotic and sometimes blurred reality that some fans have. The main character is also a piece of work himself. 
6. It, Stephen King (1986) - One of the longest books I have ever read, this sucker is over 1000 pages. The novel is a huge compilation of themes and characters, there are just so many elements evident within the pages but they are all related. Stephen King is by far, my favorite horror author - he does it so well (no pun intended). Highly recommended.  
7. Harry Potter (thewholedamnseries),  J. K. Rowling (1997-2007) - Come on, who doesn't like this series? I'd be completely lying to myself if I said I did not thoroughly enjoy these books. They are captivating and fun to read. Once I finished the first book, I knew I was in trouble. 
8. Gustav Klimt - An Austrian painter of the late 1800s, I was given a glimpse of his work in the anime Elfen Lied. The opening sequence was inspired by Klimt's Art Noveau pieces such as "The Kiss". His art is rich in color and the lines are so elegant, fluid like water. 
9. Yoshitaka Amano - The mastermind behind the artwork for Vampire Hunter D and the Final Fantasy series (plus many others!). I love looking at his illustrations, they are all so beautiful, fantastical and detailed. If I'm not mistaken, I can see a bit of Klimt's work rubbing off within his creations as well.
10. Aya Takano - Man, her artwork cracks me up sometimes. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I appreciate it nonetheless. The art is quirky, fun and often shocking at times because some of the girls are often nude. You can also find her artwork in her collaboration with Shu Uemura, the Abracadabra Fantasy 2010 holiday collection. The pieces are adorable! 
      I`d love to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). My boyfriend refuses to go because he considers art boring and that he "could do the same thing, just splatter paint around". =_='. 
      I have read most of the items I have listed above more than once because I truly enjoy them. I should keep up with books, I know there's plenty of good reads out there. Twilight excluded. 
      What books do you enjoy reading? =D.

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