Saturday, November 6, 2010


      Consider this post a redux of the CHANEL Les Contrastes de Chanel. With this addition, the only thing I am missing is the Glossimer in Petit Peche...I am tempted to purchase this just for the sake of 'completing' this collection. Hope you're not bored of all the Chanel lippie posts yet ^.^. When I checked this collection out, I was immediately drawn to Rose Dentelle first, mainly because it was a cool pink. Chintz looked too peach in the tube, it was also a very light shade. Both lipsticks are much lighter in tone compared to what I usually go for but they are lovely nontheless.
      The second photo is the most accurate in terms of what Chintz looks like in the tube. On my hand, Chintz is the one to the left. Please ignore the other swatch for now = ). As you can see, it is a light warm peach with a very subtle frost finish. Placed next to Rose Dentelle, they look very similar. Which kind of put me off at first, simply because I thought that they would look the same on my lips. However, I am happy to report that they are not. 
 Top: Chintz, Bottom: Rose Dentelle
L to R: Rose Dentelle, Chintz & anotherlipstickthatisntevenrelated.
       The above shot is in direct sunlight and it captures the slight frost very well, especially when put next to another lipstick that does not have any frost. If you're curious, the last swatch is Dior Addict Hi-Shine Lipstick in Mauve Defile, one of my favorites. Rose Dentelle is definitely a cool pink when applied on my lips. Strangely enough, Chintz also turns pink on me but it is very warm. I find that this is a common problem when I try to wear peach toned lipsticks. I have medium pigmentation on my lips which seems to pull out the pink in everything =_='. It's still very pretty though.
      Both lipsticks are permanent which is a welcome addition because there are virtually no light peaches or light pinks (except for Rose Comete, which is very frosty) in the Rouge Coco line. 

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Coco - $38CAN

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