Thursday, November 18, 2010


     If you live in the GTA area in Ontario, you probably frequent the Eaton Centre. The Sephora there is a madhouse, I tell ya, a madhouse. I stopped by last weekend and I'm not sure if it was because of the V.I.B. 20% discount event but people were all up in each others spaces. I felt like a sardine. 
     I wanted to try out NARS lipsticks since I've read good reviews. Mindgame was the one I wanted to purchase but they did not have it in stock. I had to find a replacement since I didn't want to stop by the NARS counter at The Bay. 
    Before I show you the lipstick, I wanted to share something. There are so many ingredients in here that it takes up two sides of the box. Granted, many are natural products but if you're weary about ingredients and what not you may want to read them beforehand. 
      I didn't even know what shade I purchased until I returned home and needless to say, I was perplexed. WTF is a 'Falbala'? Oh NARS, you and your awesome product names. The only thing I could find was this: 
     Falbala is a character from the French comic book, Asterix. Thanks to Wikipedia, this comic is quite popular in France and has spawned films, video games and a theme park. I'm not sure if this is what Mr.Nars was going for, please correct me if you know =D. Onto the product...
      For those who aren't aware, NARS lipsticks come in either sheer, semi-matte or satin finishes. Falbala is a sheer. Sephora describes this as a 'shimmering rose', which is pretty accurate to how it translates on my lips. The golden shimmers add shine, making lips look nice and plump with no migration. The texture is thin and smooth, it feels moist on the lips and does not make my lips peel! This ain't no Rouge Coco or Rouge G but it is a great formula nonetheless. It wears well, I'd say about 4 hours underneath some lip balm. I can't detect a smell or taste. It is a gorgeous everyday shade.
     Just a note, the semi-mattes and satins were much too dry for me. As beautiful and as pigmented as some of the shades were, my lips were suffering after a few minutes. If you have indestructible lips and can handle any formula well, go for them! 
     This is one of the sheerest lipsticks I own. In the swatches above, I swiped the lipstick 4x. When I first bought the lipstick, it was hard to get the color going. After the initial layer of lipstick wears down though, it becomes nice and smooth so don't be put off by this. The lipstick has the typical rubber packaging but I find that it doesn't attract as much crap on it compared to the blushers.
     This is a dangerous territory that I am treading on. I will pick up Mindgame (a warm brown) because it was stunning well as a few other shades. Like I said, dangerous. 

Product: NARS Lipstick - $30CAN 
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