Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TOP 10: Food

     I really have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I decided to make this post because frankly and realistically, it's impossible. I love food, I don't care what it is, I'll eat it. As long as it doesn't kill me of course. I have picked a few items that I find myself frequently eating but by no means is this a comprehensive list. Trust me, I eat a lot. I know we 'eat to live' but I 'live to eat' and I am definitely not ashamed to admit it =D.  
1. Pho - I don't think I've mentioned this before but I am 3/4 Vietnamese. Pho is essentially a  noodle soup with beef and/or chicken (these two are the most popular). A vegetarian version also exists. I love mine with a lot of herbs, onions, and chicken. In an act of filial piety, I say my parents make the best pho.   
2. Sushi/Sashimi - I adore Japanese cuisine because the majority is very healthy. My favorites are salmon sashimi and spicy tuna/salmon rolls. Pure YUM.
3. Mapo Doufu - One of my favorite lunch/dinner dishes is this. It is simply tofu cooked in a spicy bean sauce, it can have a variety of toppings as well (meat, vegetables). Korea, Japan and China all have their own variants. I like mine extra spicy. 
4. Naengmyeon - This is my favorite Korean dish, not only is it delicious but I love slurping the long strands of translucent goodness. It is a cold noodle in broth dish, some restaurants only serve this during the summer. However, it is fairly easy to make and fantastic all-year around. 
5. Dim Sum - I could eat dim sum for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and I have!). Dim sum is served in small portions and is often accompanied by tea. You can eat this for a light snack or as a meal in itself. 
6. Hot Pot - My family loves hot pot, it's a great sit-down meal and you can add whatever you want into the broth. My favorites are napa cabbage, watercress, shrimp and salmon. Sublime on a cold winter night. 
7. Mushrooms - I added this in here because I really do eat an abundance of mushrooms. They're mostly water so I can eat a lot and not get full quickly. Which is good and bad. Oyster, portobello, shiitake, button...I love them all!  
8. White Rice/Pasta/Noodles - You have to have carbohydrates. I eat rice with almost every meal but noodles and pasta are once-in-a-while items. You can make so many different dishes with these ingredients alone, perfect for experimenting in the kitchen =D. 
9. Banh Mi - I watched an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain when he was visiting Vietnam. In the episode, he had the Mother of all Banh Mi, it was loaded and topped with a fried egg. I need one pronto. 
10. Hot Sauce - This final item is a condiment...but I eat so much of it I had to include it in this list. I have Sriracha with every meal. I have become addicted to it and cannot eat without it. I put it on everyone I can get my hands on: pasta, rice, hot dogs, pizza, stir-fry, soups...I know, I've got issues.   
     Share the glutton in you! What are your favorite dishes? =D.

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