Monday, November 22, 2010

FOOD: Yummy Chocolate

     I'm a little lazy this Monday morning, so this will have to fill the void =). I'm not a huge chocolate person. Says the person who demolished a bag of Mini Rolos at the movies this past weekend. I'm really not. When I do have a craving though, I usually go for these guys. People say that cravings eventually disappear if you wait long enough...I disagree. If my craving is strong enough, I have no hesitation giving in to them.
      I like these because they have very few ingredients, all of which you can actually pronounce. Butter Biscuit is my favorite of the two photographed above. It's sweet but the biscuit cuts through the sweetness just enough.  Chocolate snobs may sneer upon my choice of chocolate but it tastes good. You can view a partially violated piece below:
      They come in packets with 16 little squares forming a large square. I buy these at Denninger's, an amazing store, that is literally a 2 minute walk away. One of the perks of living close to a very busy intersection =). What is/are your favorite(s)? 

Product: Ritter Sport Chocolate - $1.99CAN each, multiple varieties

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