Friday, October 8, 2010

LIPPIE: Mmm...Balm...

      Ask anyone. I am a very oral person. Whether it be talking, drinking water, eating (my personal favorite) I am always using my mouth. Therefore, I have to have something on my lips all the time because I am a habitual lip smacker and it doesn't help that I lick my lips a lot as well. Using the elimination process, if I'm not wearing lipstick or lip gloss I am wearing lip balm. I don't even want to know how much lip product I have consumed up to this's slightly disgusting -_-. My lips lose moisture and get dry very easily and with the Winter months just around the corner, I am usually stocking up on balm. 

      I wanted to share a couple of lip balms I have been using for quite a long time now. Luckily, my lips aren't too picky so these work fine for me. First up, is MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Popster which came out with the Hello Kitty collection in 2009. I have tried the original lip conditioners, both tinted and non-tinted (pot AND tube) and my lips did not like them very much. They are thin in consistency and oily feeling on my lips, basically glorified Vaseline. The TLC's that were released in this collection though were different. It isn't too thin, is slightly creamy and is very moisturizing and pigmented. I exfoliate my lips every morning and when I put this on it immediately sinks in which leaves my lips incredibly soft. Popster looks coral in the pot but is actually very pink on my lips, it is natural and oh so pretty. As with all pot products, I don't suggest you touch them unless you're hands are clean. This was limited edition but I have a back-up, if you can find this at a CCO check it out. I owned Pink Fish as well but it's all used up now =D. 

      Next up is a very popular product, it is the Korres Lip Butter. At first, I thought it was just an overrated product with an overrated shade. I know many people like Jasmine which is a light pink but I am not a big fan of icy/very pale/non-existent lips. I bought this, tried it on and immediately hated it because it washed my lips out after about 15 minutes and I looked dead. So...yeah, that product has a new owner now. However, Mango I love. It is the one I currently have and it is actually my second tub, which is why I didn't swatch it yet. It gives my lips a nice tint of orange and I really like the formula. It's very smooth (like buttah) and is slightly thick meaning it isn't oily and does not move around too much. Quince was my very first Lip Butter, but like Pink Fish it's all used up now too =D. 

      I have tried many different lip balms from different brands so these are the two I am constantly always going back to because for me, they work and do what they're supposed to do. Let me know what your favorites are! Thanks for reading =). 
P.S. I was taking photos of products today like a madman, I have many post ideas so look out for those! Now I realize how much of a pain in the ass joy effort it takes just to get the perfect shot. 
 P.S.S. Call me an ass or immature but I take pleasure in other people's misery lol, it's totally unrelated to beauty --> Machinima's How To Annoy People in Modern Warfare 2.

Products: 1. MAC TLC - $17.50CAN; 2. Korres Lip Butter - $13CAN  

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