Sunday, October 24, 2010

CHEEK: Welcome To Exhibit A

      I stopped by Sephora during the week because I wanted to check out the NARS blushers, one shade in particular. I don't know about you, but I really don't like to leisurely peruse through stores. I research what I want, go purchase it and leave. The longer I stay in a store, the chances of me getting a headache increases. I went to a Sephora in a bigger city and although it was only noon, the store was very busy. 
      Some idiot stole the Orgasm Illuminator tester but the SA there was so nice to go and try to find another in the back. After 10 minutes, she couldn't find any and profusely apologized for it. My experience at this Sephora has always been a great one luckily. Anyways...I ramble, sorry. 
     The culprit is Exhibit A - one of NARS most famous shades in their blush line. 
      Exhibit A is one of those "omgwtfitssoscary" sort of colors but these are the colors I gravitate towards. I do not like having to layer on blush for it to show, it's too time consuming for me. Exhibit A is a fire engine orange-based tomato red, which on the cheeks looks very natural because it is similar to the natural flush you get when you are outside in the cold. Well, for me at least >_<. 
      This is my first NARS product and I love this. The texture is smooth, silky and not at all powdery on the skin. I noticed that NARS blushers are not as densely packed into the pan, so if you drop this on a hard surface, it will most likely shatter. So, be careful. What you see in the pan is what you get on your skin. I use the MAC 116 to gently (barely touching) tap into the product. It blends so well and lasts all day even without a cream base. The pan holds 4.8g of product but this will last you a lifetime. It will work for both the palest and darkest skin tones.
Light swatch, blended out.
      The only thing keeping me from purchasing another (which I really want to do) is the stupid rubber packaging. It's supposed to make it more durable when dropped but seriously, it attracts every single speck of dust that I didn't even know existed. It also holds fingerprints so you can imagine how annoyed I am. I keep it in the original box so it's not as bad. However, I have read reviews stating that it may become sticky and melt(!). Way to go genius. 

Product: 1. NARS Powder Blush - $29CAN

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