Friday, October 15, 2010

LIPPIE: Use Your Imagination

      The CHANEL Rouge Allure formula is one of my favorites along with the Rouge Coco. It's not as 'hard' as the Rouge Cocos, it has more slip but it still manages to stay on my lips for around 4 hours. The colors are more sheer than the RCs as well. One of the standouts in my opinion is the shade 'Imagination', which is a lovely brightened pink. When I saw this shade, I thought I'd be way too pink on my lips but it is rather nice. The color sheers out and it is a soft yet noticeable pink. 
       There are many wearable shades in the line, some with shimmer and some without. If you are interested, KarlaSugar has great swatches of the shades here and here. She also has a post with the new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss as well which I adore. I just wished that Chanel would release more Rouge Allure shades to make permanent. The Fall and Winter collections both have Rouge Cocos, but I hope they don't continue this trend for 2011. I know the Spring and Extrait de Gloss collections have RAs but I'm greedy, I still want more >: ). 
      As many of you may know, the RAs have the most unique packaging. It is spring loaded much like a pen, with the lipstick case extending the entire length of the tube. You push down on the top with the engraved logo and out pops the lipstick. It keeps the lipstick safe in your purse, but really I love playing with it. 
      Just as a comparison because I know my photos aren`t the greatest, which is again due to my lack of skills, I have taken pictures of the past few lipsticks I have featured because they are all pink. Individually, at first glance they all look the same but they aren`t. 
L to R: Confidentielle, Imagination and Rose Dentelle.
       The shot above really shows the true color of each shade and you can see, they indeed are all different. Which is just an excuse for me to go and purchase another pink lipstick = ). If you're wondering, I always keep my products in their original packaging. It makes it easier to store things because every product of it's kind is the same shape. I don't like storing lip products label side up, it just bothers me. Also, because of the shiny exterior it is prone to scratches and keeping them in their boxes helps to eliminate this. Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading! 

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Allure - $37CAN

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