Saturday, October 9, 2010

LIPPIE: A Couple New Goodies

      I went to the Chanel counter this Friday hoping that the Holiday collection had arrived but alas, it was not. Desiree told me that the products were 'en route' so it shouldn't be too long now >: ). I'm sure many of you have went into a store with particular purchases in mind and end up buying things that weren't originally on that list. Well, today was one of those days. I purchased Rose Dentelle from the Fall collection so I thought I could pass on Confidentielle since they looked similar in the tube. I'm happy to report that they are most certainty not the same. Rose Dentelle pulls very cool on me while Confidentielle is much more warm and albeit more flattering for me. Both are beautiful colors though, so I can warrant having both =D. I love the Rouge Allure formula and this shade was released with the Extrait de Gloss, it is permanent I believe. This is my favorite pink lipstick at the moment. You can view swatches on Christine from Temptalia.
      Of course, I had to pick up another gloss. I just had to. I swear, I need someone to come with me and give me a good kick in the head. This is the gorgeous Myriade, which was part of the Galaxy collection a couple years ago. It is seriously sparkly, a lovely strawberry red shade. I wanted to capture the shimmer that is the Glossimer but it was truly hard to get all the shades in one shot. The pictures do not do it justice because there are also abundant red/pink shimmers that the camera was being a jerk about. I could just sit by my window, twirl the tube around and stare at it for hours. Yes, I'm simple; leave me alone. I wear this alone but I am thinking of purchasing the Rouge Allure in Fatale (a lovely deep red) for the holidays coming up and this would look *stunning* over it. Fatale would also be my first red lipstick.

Products: 1. CHANEL Glossimer - $31CAN; 2. CHANEL Rouge Allure - $37CAN

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