Friday, October 8, 2010

CHEEK: Lipstick is more than just lipstick.

      Have you ever owned a product in which you wished the same color came in another product form (did this even make sense...)? I have, plenty of times. So one weekend I decided to sit down and depot almost all of my MAC lipsticks. Every Cremesheen lipstick I have bought has broken on me, so I just got fed up as well. I love using lipstick as a cream base for blush, this was my intention when I went on a de-potting binge. This technique or method is not rocket science nor is it new, however I find that it is great for creating multi-purpose products. It allows me to use shades I do not reach for often, thereby using them up instead of them just laying around. I also like a more monochromatic look on the face, a plum based blush is perfect paired with plum lipsticks. There are no rules when it comes to makeup but I prefer this as it creates balance. 
      As for what lipsticks are suitable as bases, I'd say anything would do. I like MAC lipsticks for this purpose because of the pigment in them and the texture. I wouldn't use an expensive lipstick such as Chanel just because...well, they're expensive! Dustyohunter on YouTube has a lovely informative video on depotting lipsticks, which you an view here. Instead if leaving it in a solid state, I put it in the microwave and heat it until it starts melting. When you melt a product, it changes the state slightly so it becomes creamier and easier to apply. In the picture below, I have several pots that are of mixed colors which adds a little more depth.
Grr...those air bubbles irk me to no end.
      The pots I use are actually MAC sample jars. I was curious as to whether my MAC counter would sell these to me because I wanted some. I asked the MA working there and a few minutes later she gave me a bag filled with these little jars! She didn't charge me and I am so thankful and grateful for her kindness! They hold one lipstick completely so if you wanted to mix shades just eyeball half of each and adjust accordingly. I stick the labels on the bottom so I know what is what and store them label side up. Since I'm nice like that (I kid), I've included swatches:
      I use my fingers to apply onto the apples of my cheek, then layer a blush on top. The combination makes for a very long wearing cheek color. Depending on the formula, bases also add a nice sheen to the skin, which eliminates the need for a highlighter. A Frost finish will give a nice shimmer, while a Lustre finish will be more dewy. If you have a very, very light pale shade you could melt it and use it as a cream highlighter. This is a fun project to do if you are looking to de-clutter your stash or even if you're bored =D. Have fun and experiment! I consider myself pretty artsy (I fail at math but I excel in art =_=') so I was having too much fun mixing things. Just don't hurt yourself in the process. What projects do you like doing?

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