Saturday, October 16, 2010

LIPPIE: Les Tentations de CHANEL

      I finally had the chance to go and check out the Holiday collection from CHANEL. I love Desiree who works there, she's lovely and oh so friendly. She's been in the makeup industry since she was 16 years old and joined Chanel about 5 years ago. I make sure she's there every time I want to purchase something because she's just too nice =D. So enough rambling, for the past couple of weeks I have seen swatches and have read reviews so I knew what I was going in for. I loved the way Magnolia and Pink Pulsion looked so those were my picks.
      However, when I tried Magnolia on it pulled more cool than I expected. Which is sad because in the tube it is a nice pink. What was even more sad, Patchouli the other shade, didn't even show up on my lips no matter how many times I swiped it. Both of the lipsticks are very creamy and have shimmer in them. I may end up purchasing Magnolia to layer underneath Pink Pulsion. 
      On the other hand, I did leave with two Glossimers. Pink Pulsion which is a *stunning* shade and Pleasing, which surprised me. Pink Pulsion looks crazy bright in the tube, it is a red toned fuchsia with bright pink shimmers. Pleasing has a copper base and is very shimmery, showing hues of red, copper and brown shimmers. It is slightly frosty.
 Top: Pleasing, Bottom: Pink Pulsion (more fuchsia and pink in real life).
On my lips, Pleasing is a nice nude-pink gloss for me. The shimmers add a nice dimension to my lips and I love all the different colors in this shade. Pink Pulsion is much brighter in person than it is in the photo above but it is not as opaque as Pleasing. It is one of the sheerer Glossimers but seriously, this is so mesmerizing when worn. It instantly brightened up my face and another customer bought this without even trying it on after she saw me wearing it =D. It provided more color than I had expected actually so I'm quite happy with the opacity level. It reminds me of a much more toned down version of Venus and Pink Pulsion is one of my favorites now. 
       The photos above were taken in direct sunlight but I have a *very* difficult time trying to get the right shot in an attempt to make it as accurate as possible. Pink Pulsion's bright pink shimmers just did not capture and Pleasing is more complex. In my opinion, both of these are very Christmas and scream Holiday to me!
L to R: Pink Pulsion & Pleasing in direct sunlight.
Indoors, natural lighting.
      The texture is typical of Glossimers with the same squishy gel texture. I'm happy that the formula is consistent throughout collections. Overall, I love the items and I would have purchased the lipsticks as well if they weren't so sheer on me. If you want to purchase something, I suggest you go and check your local counter ASAP because my counter only received 4-5 items of each. She told me that they were limited in stock for the Holidays and they may not receive anymore. 
*EDIT* 10/20/10: I stopped by The Bay in a neighbouring city and picked up another Pink Pulsion. I <3 the way it looks on my lips and it is my new favorite Glossimer =D.  

Product: 1. CHANEL Glossimer - $31CAN

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