Friday, October 15, 2010

LIPPIE: Forgotten Lipsticks

       Continuing with the CHANEL Rouge Allure posts, I forgot to mention these two lippies before all the newer products. Les Impressions de Chanel was the Spring 2010 collection and within the collection four Rouge Allure lipsticks were released. I purchased Incognito and Impertinente, which sadly have been sitting in my drawers and have not been receiving too much love. It's not that I don't love these shades (I do, trust me!) but with all the releases this year it has been hard to use them all >_<. Now that Fall has had a good head start, these are perfect. 
Top to Bottom: Incognito and Impertinente.
       I would describe Incognito as a dusty pink rose which if you haven't noticed is one of my favorite shade ranges. I adore this lipstick for the very natural look it gives to the lips, a definite my-lips-but-better shade. Impertinente on the other hand is oh so elegant. It is much darker than Incognito, it is a plum with a hint of brown and red. It's really beautiful. It's not dark enough to be vamp but dark enough to add some depth. In the rush of things, I forgot to swatch so forgive me but I'm sure there are many swatches available online. 
L to R: Impertinente and Incognito.

      I cannot remember if these were permanent or not to the honest with you but check your local CHANEL counter if you're interested. I hope you don't mind all the Chanel lippie posts, I just <3 them.  

Product: 1. CHANEL Rouge Allure - $37CAN

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