Saturday, October 23, 2010


      I've always regarded this color as a strange one. It looks deceptively purple in the tube but on the lips it transforms into a beautiful mauve, albeit a bit on the purple side for me. Depending on your skin tone and lip pigmentation, it can pull more pink or purple so keep that in mind. I have seen this on both paler and darker skin tones and it is very pretty. The name is fitting too, Up The Amp is an Amplified formula. 
     It is one of the more popular colors and can be layered on sheer or opaque, I prefer the former just because it is too purple for me full on. I'm not one to swipe my lipstick more than twice (ever) anyways. I have seen women swipe on lipstick like nobody's business and I don't think it's necessary to have such a thick layer on the lips O_o. In the pictures below, I have swiped twice:
I'm sorry if you find the...detailing on my hands disgusting lol.
Dude, I can see every single crease...blame the Macro =D.
       The Amplified formula also stains whatever it touches, I had a hard time scraping rubbing it off my hand. This being said, Up The Amp looks amazing on the cheeks. Layered underneath a plum or purple tinged blush it amplifies the color (ha!). If you are looking for a fun color but you are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone at the moment, try this. It isn't Girl About Town or Full Fuchsia but it is a good start. 

Product: 1. MAC Lipstick - $17.50CAN


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