Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TOP 10: Overrated, Overhyped, Overestimated

     Have you ever felt that some things in life were just overrated? Tired of hearing about the same thing? Items that cause a mass frenzy, and you have no idea why? This is how I feel about the items below. Now don't hate, this is just my personal opinion. Some of the items I have featured on my blog may be one of these 'overhyped' products on another person's list. 

1. NARS Orgasm Blush - This did nothing for me. I seriously don't know what is so special about it. The shimmers in this blush give off an overly frosty sheen on my skin, not flattering at all. What's worse is the fact that only the shimmers were visible, the color didn't even show up.  
2. MAC Myth lipstick - I'm sorry but you might as well put concealer on your lips and call it a day. I imagine that a very fair skin gal would pull this off nicely but I've seen a number of people who look hideous in this. Sorry. It makes me look like a pornstar wannabe. I'll pass. I think it can be a great layering piece but when worn alone...no.
3. MAC Mineralized Skinfinish -  I know some are avid collectors of these. I've never come across a single one I liked enough to purchase, all of them look so frosty and shimmery on my skin no matter how or what I apply it with.
4. Benefit blushers - I've tried most of the boxed blushers and I liked none of them. They aren't unique in my opinion and they don't do anything for my face. Coralista was straight out orange on my cheeks. Sugarbomb was more like a Glitterbomb.  
5. Forever21 - This chain was launched in Canada a while back and while I do admit that some of their pieces are extremely cute, I feel as though the quality is equivalent to horse crap. I don't get it. Some pieces had buttons missing, threads aloof, holes even. The Canadian prices aren`t exactly cheap either especially when compared to U.S. prices.
6. Twilight - Do I even need to go here? I think I've gotten my point across.
7. Reality TV Shows - Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, MTV Crap...sure it's fun to watch. I feel like I'm watching people make fools out of themselves...oh wait. This is precisely what they're doing. Pure trash. 
8. 3D - It's taking over. It's popping up everywhere now. I'm not a fan because I prefer the traditional 2D, some movies are just not meant for 3D. Also, it makes me nauseous. I watched The Last Airbender a while back and my lunch nearly came up. I had a feeling that the unsuspecting person in front of me would not enjoy that too much so I contained myself.  
9. Circle lenses - These are tremendously popular and it's shocking to see the difference it makes. I think the subtle ones are okay but the larger ones freak me out. I'll stick to my prescription lenses, thanks. 
10. Useless & Pointless or Obvious 'Studies' - This is probably one of my biggest annoyances. I do not disagree to the immense knowledge that is a study but sometimes...I question the said subject. Women are considered more attractive if they tilt their heads forward?! Or how about the correlation between alcohol consumption and impaired reasoning? You don't have to be Sherlock to figure that one out. How about using the money to make a difference in the world instead of telling me something I already know or don't give two craps about.  

Again, this list is just a personal list. Please do not be offended, as this is not my intention. There are things that I genuinely do not understand =). Have any to add? 

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