Sunday, December 12, 2010

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #6 - Quickie

     I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I cannot believe it's less than 2 weeks 'til Christmas! Today, I wanted to continue with the MUFE HD Blush segment with Quickie (#6). Sephora describes this as a salmon pink:
     I think Sephora is accurate, it is a little more pink in real life than the photos are showing. I like using this as a base underneath peach, bronze and pinks. It's a simple, flattering shade that you can wear anytime, anywhere. Again, I am not going to re-iterate what I have already said about these. I love them and once I run out, I will purchase the full sizes. 
    On my cheeks, it definitely veers towards pink but it still works layered with the aforementioned blush shades. I don't believe in hardcore rules when it comes to makeup, so who says you have to layer a pink powder blush on top of a pink base? I like mixing it up, and the result can be beautiful. Don't be afraid to experiment! 
Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN

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