Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CHEEK: MUFE HD Blush #3 - Truth or Dare

     I featured Nip Slip yesterday, so if you would like more info on what I think about these products please check out that post. I think regurgitating that post is redundant so I won't be doing that =D. Truth or Dare (#3) is described as a 'hot pink' on the Sephora website. Believe me, it is what it says.
The pictures do not show the intensity of this shade, it really is quite bright! It's not too warm and not too cool, I think this would look marvelous on all skin tones. Fair gals, don't be afraid of this shade because it will look so fresh on the cheek especially for the winter months coming up! 
      I'm not intentionally flippin' you off...(although it's intentional in the sense because of my intention to swatch...wow this is the longest caption ever. Shut up Julie). 
    Did you catch how little product I used?? The amount above is way too much even for both cheeks, I nearly had a mini episode when I saw how pigmented this was on my cheeks. I looked like a clown. Lesson learned. That being said, I forgot to mention that these can be layered if you want a brighter look (well, I'm sure you figured that out by now >_>). This would look very nice with a pale pink lip.
     I have a few more shades to feature in this line coming up, so look out for those! 

Product: MUFE HD Blush - $29CAN 

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