Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FAVORITES: La Finale - December

     I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! My sister and I went shopping in the GTA area on Boxing Day...and it was complete and utter madness. At one point, we had to yell because it was so loud. The sales (or lack thereof) were disappointing! We have finally reached the end of 2010, which is completely surreal to me since many events have occurred in my life this year. Looking back on it now, it flew by *so*`s ridiculous. Every year seems to go by quicker than the last. I wanted to share my final favorites for this year:

1. MAC Dreamy Lipglass - I have stated my undying loathe for MAC lipglasses before, but this shade is so gorgeous on that I can ignore that loathe while wearing it. I don`t remember when I purchased this but I recently discovered this in my collection. It`s a cool pink-toned lilac with shimmer. Since it is so pale and icy, I do not wear this alone. Over lipstick however, it`s ethereal.
2. Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick in Tender Mauve + Estee Lauder High Shine Gloss in Berry - That was lengthy. I discovered these at the bottom of my mom`s huge bag full of GWP items (it`s Christmas in there) and I adore them. Tender Mauve is a light warm pink with silver shimmer, Berry is a light pink with silver shimmer. Together, they make the perfect pale pink lip that makes me look alive! It`s completely flattering on my NC30 skin. 
3. CHANEL Glossimer in Charming - I picked up the final Glossimer that I was missing from the Holiday collection. Charming is a warm pink with multi-colored shimmer, but on the lips it is a barely there tint with high shine. It is seriously uber-dazzling in the tube and creates a very pretty low-maintenance look. Stunning, I don`t know why I missed this one.
4. NARS Blush Mata Hari - In the pan, it is a very cool lilac-toned pink...which is strange because on my warm skin it morphs into a pink-toned berry. This is such a unique color on my cheeks but it is not at all unwearable or unnatural. I think this is a nice shade to wear for the Winter months, it adds so much life.
5. The Body Shop Vanilla EDP - I`m not a huge fan of fragrances, partly because most of the time people spray way too much on and puts me off from them. I do love a good vanilla though. I love it in food, home scents and candles. This has been the only fragrance I have continually repurchased over the last 5 years. It`s a warm, rich vanilla and once it dries and settles into the skin, it smells heavenly. It lasts all day for me. By no means is it a complex scent, it`s just nice and simple.

I will have posts for the above items eventually (most likely in January sometime) so please look out for those if you are interested! I wish you all a very, very Happy New Years and I hope 2011 will be great for all of you! Be safe!

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