Monday, January 3, 2011

LIPPIE: MAC Has Gone Straight To The Head

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays and the New Year! After the closure of festivities, I hope to get back on track with posting this month. A couple of collections were released right on Boxing Day much to my chagrin, and there was only one particular item that caught my eye. 
   Straight To The Head (STTH) lip gelee was one out of four new shades released with the Cham Pale collection. STTH is the darkest, the other three were too white based and pale for me. Actually, nearly all the items were pale, neutral and uber-shimmery. If you do not like shimmer, this product is not for you. It is chock full of it. The shimmer in this reminds me of the ones released with the Lillyland collection last year, all of which I skipped.
 I love this. I seriously love this. I do not wear eye makeup save mascara, so I think I can afford to wear some bling on my lips. In the tube, it looks quite brown with some golden flecks. However, in the light, this product dances.  I had a hard time capturing the various shades because the lighting was being a complete a-hole. The shimmers flash gold, green, and red but it is  predominantly pink. None of the photos do it justice.
   Wow, all of them Applied on my lips of medium pigmentation, it is quite pink. The base is a beautiful brown but because the base is so sheer and the product is so full of shimmer, all you see is the shimmer. Also, a little goes a very long way. I apply this over another gloss or lip balm to thin it out. The result is really pretty. In a not-so-subtle narcissistic fashion, I couldn't stop looking at my lips whenever I had the chance! 
    The photos above were taken in progressively dimming natural light (I was sitting in front of a large window) to show the different nuances. It is not frosty on my lips, it just gives them a glow. Mind you, this is by no means within the realm of a Chanel Glossimer. The shimmer is not as refined, and the texture is different.
    I think the Lipgelee formula is the best from MAC and it saddens me that they have long since discontinued many shades. I believe they are phasing them out completely. They are slightly tacky but not sticky like the Lipglass. Even though these are brimming with shimmer, it doesn't feel gritty and does not irritate my lips. No irritation = no peeling or drying. The staying power is great, I get around 4 hours of this on my lips alone. A word of caution though, try not to touch your lips too much otherwise you'll find that the shimmer will invite itself onto whatever you're touching. Left alone, there is little to no migration. If you try to wipe it off, same thing. The shimmer will be left behind and is quite annoying to get off. That being said, you can always just top off with a different gloss when the sparklies are left behind.
   One thing I also wanted to mention was the amount you receive in the tube. It is a whopping 15mL (or 0.5oz!). One tube will last me forever, but I am ashamed not ashamed to say that yes, I purchased a back-up two backups*. Most of this collection sold out within the following few days of its release, but check your local counters if you are interested as they may have some items left in stock! 
*In my lifetime I have only "backup-ed" six items...unless my memory is failing me.
Product: MAC Lipgelee - $17.50CAN  

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