Friday, September 3, 2010

RANDOM: I Feel Like a Kid at Christmas...

      Summer is slowly coming to an end...and to be honest, I won't miss it one bit lol. I am over summer and cannot wait until the Fall/Winter season. There have been times where it was so hot that even wearing next to nothing, I was still sweating like a pig outside. I will not miss that. I am hoping for a white Christmas this time around; I live in Canada and last year we had rain on Christmas =_='. I love the contrast of stark white snow on the ground and how winter makes everything muted and pale. 
      As you may know, I have been obsessed with CHANEL. I've been to my CHANEL counter so many times in August alone that the SA and owner there, Desiree and Gina, know me by the sound of my voice alone...from 50 feet away. Sad. When MAC released their new collection 'Fabulous Felines' I didn't even bother going to look. In fact, I didn't even go near the MAC counter. I'm over MAC sadly. 
      Another reason why I love the holiday season so much is because a lot of times there will be gift sets available. And this season, CHANEL really has me going. There are 3 sets available I believe which will launch around the same time as their Winter 2010 collection. The one I am most excited for is this one: 
 *Image courtesy of, all credit goes to her!
I believe Muscat and Wild Rose have come out before, but I missed out on them both as I was not into lip gloss at the time. I adore the makeup pouch they come with, Gina was kind enough to let me see the look books they had for the holidays. If I remember correctly, this will be $56CAN(?) which is a steal! One Glossimer is already $31CAN.

CHANEL is also coming out with a Winter 2010 Collection, which is pictured below:
 *Image courtesy of, all credit goes to her! 

      I plan on purchasing the Magnolia Rouge Coco and Pink Pulsion Glossimer (Gina received one from beauty school however she did not have it on her to show me but from what she told me it's going to be a VERY shimmery bright pink). Some of the colors are re-promotes such as Futile. On another note, Guerlain's Christmas collection is also very drool worthy. If you have a chance, Google the promotional ads and you'll know what I mean = ). I hope you aren't tired of all the 'Chanel this', 'Chanel that'. If you are, I'm sorry but it's a sick obsession that cannot be cured. I blame Desiree and Gina, my enablers. 
One more thing before I forget >_<. The Bay where I live has the new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss line out for purchase and I had to buy a couple of course. Let me just say, these are absolutely amazing. I purchased Insolence (57) and Fatale (61), both of which I have reviewed on MakeupAlley under the username 'jubez'. You can read them here:
Insolence - Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insolence
Fatale - Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Fatale

Sorry for the long post/rant! I thank you for stopping by, I hope you like my posts. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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