Saturday, September 25, 2010

FAVORITES: Already?!?

Time flies by so quickly nowadays, it's ridiculous. I sound like my mom, "Holy s***, it's Friday already?!?". 'Cause she's a bad-ass like that. Very soon, I'll be pelting candy at kids who walk by.
1. CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss/Insolence - I mentioned this in a previous post but I've been using it all month and I adore it. It's the perfect pink, not too bright and not too cool. The formula is silky, smooth and long-wearing. This line is a permanent addition to CHANEL, so you don't have to run out and get it. Confidence, #55 however is limited edition. 
Blurry, sorry T_T.
2. CHANEL Gloss Fluo in Pop - I skipped out on most of the Summer 2010 collection because the lipsticks were just too bright. I first thought this was just a clear gloss, but I had a serious lemming for it after Rae showed this in her June haul. It is so moisturizing I sometimes use it at night as a treatment! It turns my lips a soft shade of pink and it is actually very pretty. 
Again, blurry *RAWR*. It's also more red in real life.
3. MAC Amplified in Kraft - This came out with the Pret-A-Papier collection back in April and I have just started using it this month lol. I have reached an epiphany, browns such as this suit me very well and is so, so flattering against my skin tone. I'm still pretty tan right now but I will continue using this throughout the winter to give me warmth. It's limited edition and I'm kicking myself for not buying a back-up.

4. MAC Sheertone Shimmer in Peachtwist -  This is my go-to blush when I want to add a bronze glow to my cheeks. It's actually not a peach per se, it's rather bronze-y. The shimmer adds a nice touch and the tone is flattering because it doesn't turn my skin orange. I find that this is a problem I have with peach or coral toned blushers. Reminds me of a girl in high school whose nickname was 'Sunkist' because she was literally orange.

5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - For those who don't know (and you probably don't even care), I am a big fan of RPG's and video games in general. I purchased a PS1 back in the day when I was 11 years old and have been playing since. I also like FPS or TPS games but these are only fun in Co-op Campaign mode for me. My boyfriend and I play these almost every time I'm over at his place on his PS3. If you game, you'll know these terms. This game has been available in Japan for a while now and it was just released this month. I love it, it beats the original Kingdom Hearts (this is a prequel) in my opinion. The graphics are stellar and the gameplay is seamless. I don't even like Disney but I can ignore the princesses.
I love Square Enix...and I also love captions ^_^.

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