Thursday, September 23, 2010

LIPPIE: Selling A Kidney (Or Both):

      Will get you one of these babies. Well no, not really. But for the low price of $50CAN + tax you too can have one. This is the most expensive lipstick I have ever purchased in my life and I have been wanting one forever. Half of this want was because of the ridiculous(ly lovely) packaging. However, I must say the formula of this lipstick is truly exceptional for me. 
      Guerlain has a long history, with a very loyal and long list of followers. Guerlain started out in the perfumery business in the 1800's and has now expanded to include beauty and skincare. The products are beautiful and of formidable quality, Guerlain is always pushing the edge of innovation. The price point for some of the items tops that of other high-end brands such as Chanel and Dior, however I do believe in "you get what you pay for". Granted, this lipstick without the metal case would probably be worth $30 so tack on another $20 for the packaging and you get the Rouge G de Guerlain. 
      The case was designed by Lorenz Baumer, a prolific jeweler in Paris. It looks like a mini elongated spaceship to me (and to others, completely phallic)...totally unnecessary but I still love it. It only has one flat side where the number and name is engraved so you cannot stand this lipstick up straight, it must be laid horizontally. It has Guerlain engraved on top and when you pull the base out, the top compartment will automatically flip open to reveal two mirrors. One of these mirrors is a magnifier. The only problem is that the only way to keep the 'lid' part shut is to put the lipstick back into the case. The closure is also magnetic. I think Guerlain was trying to make it more functional but I think it's a little cumbersome. Nonetheless, I will get used to it. 
      The silver metal is a fingerprint whore, and if you're OCD like me you'll find yourself wanting to sit in a corner and polish the damn thing. Rouge G's used to come with velvet pouches but they have since stopped. The manager at my Guerlain counter told me to pop in time to time as she might receive a few in some stock orders. She was so, so helpful and informative about the line which is nice since I could retrieve accurate information. 

So *gorgeous*, right?
     This lipstick has ruby powder listed in the ingredients. Don't get too excited, it's only synthetic. I think the powder is the reason why the lipstick reflects light and gives the lips a shiny appearance. Personally, I could care less if diamonds were in this because the formula is what is outstanding. The lipstick is creamy, soft but does not slip and slide all over your lips. It grips them comfortably and lasts for about 4 hours on me while drinking water. The color I purchased was #10 - Gaia, a brown with a hint of red. It is definitely a MLBB color on me. The color is true to the tube and is very opaque. It makes me look instantly put together but it is very natural; the effect is *lovely*. I have sensitive lips so I am happy to report that this did not dry my lips out during wear. Now, I own a couple Chanel Rouge Cocos and compared to them the Rouge G is a little bit better. I love Rouge Cocos don't get me wrong but this lipstick is not as hard as the Rouge Coco.You get the standard amount of lipstick in the tube, 3.5g. 
         I believe that lipstick is one thing you should spend money on, but I am biased because 90% of my collection is all about the lips. I also believe in quality over quantity. The Rouge G is a special item because I will not be purchasing another until Guerlain releases a color that is truly 'me'. It is not refillable, therefore the packaging is wasted once you finish it. I plan to keep it for decor purposes. Oh, I forgot to mention, this thing is HEAVY. I mean really, really heavy. If you were in a dark area at night and someone was trying to -insert verb of choice here- you, if you threw this at them they'd probably end up in a coma. Ok, that's exaggerating. However, it WILL do some damage. Overall, the Rouge G is definitely a luxury item, it is part lipstick and part accessory that exudes elegance. If you are thinking of purchasing one, I highly recommend that you try them on first because for the price you want to make sure that it is a color that you will find yourself reaching for over and over. If you want swatches check out Temptalia or KarlaSugar, they have great ones. 
*Granted, this is most definitely *not* the most expensive lipstick on the market: Cle de Peau Extra Silky and Extra Rich lipsticks are $65CAN while Serge Lutens lipsticks are $75US a piece. 

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