Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LIPPIE: Pucker Up - Guerlain KissKiss

      I have another product I'd like to share with you, yet another lip product. I wanted to test drive a lipstick from their permanent line and KissKiss seemed like the way to go. I tried on the KissKiss Strass which I believe has replaced the now non-existent KissKiss Maxi Shine and it reminded me very much of MAC's Dazzle lipsticks. And just like the MAC counterpart, it was thin and very gritty on my lips. I only had it on for a few seconds and I swear it was drying the crap out of my lips already. Needless to say...it wasn't my favorite. The shade I purchased was 556 - Brun Jazzy. First, the packaging is just ooh-la-la. Although it's a very thin and lightweight plastic (much like YSL's Rouge Pur Shines) I love the stacked cube design, which was also created by a designer. 
       Since it has a gold overlay, the fingerprints aren't as noticeable but it will hold fingerprints. The texture of this lipstick is very thin and slightly creamy, so I was skeptical about whether or not it would dry out my lips. However, after wearing it for a couple of hours I was happy that it remained comfortable on my lips. The color isn't fully opaque, you'd have to swipe it a few times to get the full color. Brun Jazzy is a isn't a true brown, more like a brown based plum with gold shimmer. On my medium pigmented lips, it shows more plum while the shimmer gives a nice gleam. It is quite a dark color, but I can see it looking divine during the Fall/Winter months. 
Well this a fail. Where'd the plum tones go??!? =_=.

      This lipstick is relatively largely less expensive than it's sister - the Rouge G, coming in at $36CAN without tax. It's still steep mind you but I still adore this lipstick. Strangely enough, Sephora does not list this shade online...I was told by the manager that Sephora is especially slow at removing discontinued products from their stock. For example, the Terracotta Original Tan Bronzing Powders are actually discontinued as well as Maxi Shines and Extremes. Guerlain is always trying to improve on their products and I actually wouldn't be surprised if the Rouge G line took over in the future. 
      I also wanted to address something; many people may ask why the hell would you spend over $50 on a lipstick. Well, my answer to that is: because I wanted a piece of luxury. Guerlain is by no means supposed to be "affordable", the same with Chanel, Dior etc. The prices are insanely high because these are exclusive brands, if they priced everything so that everyone could afford it they would lose their integrity as a luxury brand. It's luxury for a reason. 
      I hope this post was slightly helpful and I have a few more products in store. It's freakin' 2am here and I'm still wired on the caffeine I drank 8 hours ago...*sigh*.  

Product: 1. Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick - $36CAN

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  1. Love Guerlain's lipsticks – both Rouge G and Kiss Kiss. The colors and textures are fabulous! xo