Tuesday, January 4, 2011

TOP 10: Beauty Blogs

    If you take a look at my stalking list, you'll notice that there are many. Too many. Of course, I add more to it when I come across another that I like. Which is every other day it seems. In my defense, there are non-beauty related sites thrown in there as well. I wanted to do this post because there are certain blogs that I visit more than others, I feel like they deserve their own little piece of text.

1. The Beauty Look Book - If you aren't familiar with Sabrina's site, I highly encourage you to visit her blog. She features many high-end, luxury and indie cosmetic brands - all of which I love. Her comparison shots and swatches are so, so helpful and comprehensive. I don't think I've ever seen such comprehensive comparisons between high-end brands (even on Temptalia). She has a great personality which reflects in her writing, and a lovely sense of style. 

2. Temptalia - Christine is a godsend when it comes to early press release information and swatches. She is always at the top of her game with every MAC collection and I love her quick reviews. The amount of traffic the site receives is astounding, and I am awed at how she is able to do so many posts, hold giveaways, contests etc. all the time on top of going to school. I worry that she is not getting enough sleep! 

3. Cafe Makeup - I stumbled upon Amy's blog about a year ago, and it has been one of my favorites ever since. Amy is very knowledgeable when it comes to the history/background of a cosmetic brand. She features many high-end brands as well. Her daughter, Liz, is beautiful and is often a model for the products featured. Her photos and swatches are pristine and you will find many hidden gems embedded within her archives.

4. Makeup and Beauty Blog - Karen's site makes me laugh. All of her posts are so quirky and humorous, how can one not laugh? You will find posts on anything to everything, from high-end to drugstore. It is also nice to see swatches on someone who is close to my own skin tone (Karen is NC35 I believe, I am NC30 at the moment). It is extremely helpful when I am trying to figure out which shades to purchase. Her cute cat, Tabs, is also featured prominently on the site.   

5. Musings Of A Muse - The amount of posts that show up on one day alone is astounding! I love this site because of the amount of reviews there are to peruse. There are also posts featuring Korean and Japanese cosmetics, which I appreciate because the products themselves can be hard to find. She is beautiful, talented and always answers your questions and comments timely.

6. Karla Sugar - A.k.a, Swatch Goddess. If I am in dire need of some serious swatchage, I head immediately to this site. She is extremely efficient at swatching entire collections when they are released and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. You will also find swatches for an entire line from a brand. For example, she has so graciously swatched all of the permanent Lipglasses, Blushers and Lipsticks from MAC. Looking for a swatch of a Rouge Coco by CHANEL? No worries. Karla has done the work for you. Amazing.

7. All Lacquered Up - My nail polish usage has died down significantly after the Holidays have ended, just because of work and laziness. If I need a nail swatch or comparison, I go to this site. It is amazing for all the latest nail polish collections from various brands. I can spend hours just browsing through the archives to look at all the lovely shades. And I have. Sad, isn't it?

8. Yuki's Lazy Channel - This is a blog based in Japan I believe. You can use Google translate if you want to read the text. I love her blog because of the type of posts she creates, some of them are focused on beauty while others are focused on destinations within Japan. I plan to visit Japan in the future, I must! There are numerous posts on Japanese cosmetics as well, which are hard to find in Canada.

9. Lotus Palace - I cannot access many of the brands that are readily available overseas but I like to read about them anyway. This site makes me want to travel just so I can get my hands on the cosmetics (I'm not a big fan of buying things online). I seriously drool at the sight of her posts, they are all so beautiful! Predominantly Korean and Japanese brands (I think there are some Taiwanese cosmetics featured as well). 

10. The Non-Blonde - I love Gaia and her blog. She writes fabulous short reviews on products but she also throws in some harmless fun as well with her celebrity posts. I think she's hilarious. There are also many posts dedicated to scents and perfumes, which are extremely detailed and thorough. I have learned a lot from reading them even though I am not an avid perfume user. You must check her out!

Honorable Mentions: 
I hope you visit the mentioned blogs, I truly enjoy every post and the girls are wonderful. I am not affiliated with anyone mentioned on here, I just wanted to share =). Have any recommendations? Personal favorites? Let me know! 


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the shout out. You're too sweet! I agree with your recs above. All these ladies have amazing blogs. Also, thanks for letting me know about the Chanel price increase.

  2. @Kristie - No, thank YOU for all the amazing reviews that you put on your blog! I'll be paying $40CAN + tax for a lipstick now O_O, lol. You're welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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