Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOP 10: YouTubers

  I love YouTube. It is a vast plethora of knowledge, you can find just about anything on there. Although, I have come across some disturbing videos that I curse to high heavens and flag...
  I am going to reiterate - I love reading user comments. Useful, offensive, hilarious, pious, crude - I read 'em all. I wanted to share with you some of the channels I frequent, some of them are beauty related while others I watch solely for entertainment. 

1. lisaeldridgedotcom - One of my favorite beauty channels by far. Incredibly beautiful and helpful, Lisa is a true makeup connoisseur. She has been in the industry for a long time, much of her work has been featured all over the globe. She is also the creative director for the brand Boots No.7. Since her channel is devoted to makeup in the purest form, her techniques and looks are a joy to watch.

2. dustyohunter - I love dusty's channel, he is so creative and offers innovative and interesting ideas on how to use certain products. He also has a comprehensive guide for MAC foundations and concealers. It also helps that he is very easy on the eyes and extremely humorous =).

3. cookingwithdog - Of course I had to include an obligatory food channel. cookingwithdog focuses on Japanese cuisine, the videos are easy to follow and delectably delicious. The chefs' skills are enviable, I wish I could handle a knife as effortlessly as her! 

4. theRSAorg - An excerpt from their website explains that the RSA "seeks to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfilment and social progress"( In a serendipitous moment, I found this channel and it has been a delight watching their videos, especially the animate ones. It is extraordinarily enlightening, even if I do not agree with all the points made. If you are a visual learner, like myself, you will enjoy them. Note: only certain lectures are animated.

5. Raeview - I adore Rae and her amazing videos. She focuses mainly on high end, luxury cosmetics which I personally, am most interested in. Well versed, articulate and highly intelligent, Rae's reviews deliver. I highly encourage you to stop by and take a peek! Jesus, I make it sound like a store...

6. machinima - This is such an entertaining channel if you are interested in video games and the like. It offers trailers, gameplay and some original videos for your viewing pleasure. I am not fond of all the videos, but I have found some great ones in the massive volume of media. They also have a site,, if you prefer that instead.

7. freddiew - In another trip through YouTube, I stumbled upon Freddie's channel, who utilizes some great FX. He also has a sister site, freddiew2, which he uses as a mule to show tutorials on how these FX were created. It is all too complex for my small, meager mind so I am satisfied with only watching. I particularly enjoyed his "Future FPS" vid.

8. russianbabe1981 - If you are a MAC fan, this is the channel to visit. Ameera is gorgeous, and she often purchases many pieces from each collection that is released (some entirely) and is gracious enough to do swatches and reviews on them. She also has videos with swatches of all the MAC lipglasses, lipsticks etc. that she has in her possession. Love her. 

EDIT 26/03/11 
9. blushisthenewblack - I stumbled upon this lovely blog a couple of months ago while MIA. I have come to thoroughly enjoy every single one of her posts. She is beautiful and has great style, sharing the same passion for lip products as I. I highly suggest you check out her channel and blog.

10 - Not Applicable. 

P.S. By no means am I stating that I have the right to judge who's "top 10" and who's not. I thoroughly enjoy the lovely channels mentioned above, and I am not affiliated with any!  

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  1. I love dustyohunter as well. His videos are extremely helpful, especially for MAC related items.