Thursday, January 6, 2011

LIPPIE: MAC is Dreamy

   I detest the Lipglass formula that MAC has created, to the point where it is a little misanthropic. Okay, maybe not that extreme but I'm sure some of you feel the same. I say this, yet a month ago I found this little gem hidden, unopened, deep in my cosmetic abyss:
    I do not remember when I purchased this. In fact, I can't remember the last time I went to MAC with the intention of looking at their Lipglass section. It has somehow eluded me for this long. Do not fear, this tube was manufactured in 2010. Dreamy is very icy and ethereal.
   A very cool pink-based lilac with gold shimmer, I normally cannot pull off such a shade because I am so warm. It is showing a tad washed out, it is more pink and lilac in real life. Worn alone, it pales me far too much but when layered over a (any) lipstick, it is gorgeous. Layering also detracts the utter stickiness of the gloss, it becomes comfortable to wear. I get around 5-6 hours of wear with this.
   I do not know if this is a common occurrence, but every time I try to wear a shade that is lighter than my natural lip color - it drains the all the pigment out of my lips. It 'sets' after 30 minutes or so and transforms itself into a completely different shade. This is also why I prefer to layer because it salvages the color of the product without interference. Am I making any sense? Probably not...
   This was another item included in my December 2010 favorites, it is just perfect for the current season. It reminds me of a cool, winters night - accompanied by light snowfall. It is a permanent shade, do pay this shade a visit the next time you are looking for a pink lippie!

Product: MAC Lipglass - $17.50

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