Friday, January 7, 2011


  I enjoy NARS blushers, I do. But I have a question Monsieur Nars, why do you name your products this way? I'm not sure whether it is just a means to seek and be attention grabbing or whether it is due to some psychological attachment.
 Julie, it's just a blush. Get over it. 
   Sephora describes this as a "rose petal pink". I disagree, it is more of a blue based lilac pink. I don't find it rosy at all, at least on my NC30 cheeks it isn't. I did not expect this to be as cool as it is, most swatches I have seen present this as a warm pink. However, I still love the way it perks my skin up, it contrasts nicely. 
   If you would like a more detailed description on what the finish is like, I have a post on Exhibit A, my favorite NARS product so far. The powder is very fine and smooth and chalk factor is nonexistent with these blushers.  They are also extremely long wearing, I had this on from 6am to 6pm and it looked pristine for those 12 hours. 
  Sorry, I'm not flicking you off. Thanks to Wikipedia and my ignorance, I discovered that Mata Hari was the moniker of an exotic dancer and courtesan. She was accused of being a spy and was executed during WWI.'s only slightly depressing.
  Have a great weekend everyone! 
P.S. I went in to see CHANEL's Spring collection and was seriously underwhelmed. Jersey Rose and Peregrina were too light for me; Nakkar and Aragonite were uneventful; but I may end up purchasing Coquette Rouge Allure. It was the only one that showed up! =(.
Product: NARS Blush - $29CAN

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  1. this looks so pretty ~ very natural pink.
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