Sunday, August 15, 2010

LIPPIE: My Latest Obsession

CHANEL Glossimers. 'Nuff said. I have always been a fan of their Rouge Allure and Rouge Coco line but wanted to try out their Glossimers suddenly. I have never been a lip gloss wearer, I do own some but they do not compare to the Glossimers. MAC lipglasses seem to last on my lips for a very long time but they are very sticky, so I never really use them. Remember in the first post about how I said this site would be focused on lipstick? Well, maybe I should change the blog name now lol.

I have purchased a few lip products from CHANEL's Fall 2010 Collection titled 'Les Contrastes de Chanel'. Before purchasing a product I always do extensive research on them for reviews and information (MakeUpAlley is my savior). The Pink Teaser Glossimer is the most pigmented one out of the four being promoted and is a gorgeous medium pink shade with iridescent pink shimmers. Like all Glossimers, the texture and formula is weightless and comfortable on the lips. It is very gel-like so it is a bit thick, however it is not sticky so I was surprised to find that it was still on my lips after 4 hours of wear over a lipstick. The shimmers are not gritty and it does not dry out my lips which is a common problem for me. Most Glossimers are known to be sheer but there are more pigmented ones so I try to go for those. The packaging is classic CHANEL and sturdy. 

I currently own six, it seems as though most of them are from CHANEL's 'Lumieres Celeste' collection back in 2009. I am particularly fond of the shades that were promoted, however many are hard to find but my local Chanel counter still has most of them available!  The names of the ones I own are Astral (104), Mica (131), Venus (124), Mirage (132), Pink Teaser (142) and Rose Dilemma (144). These are $31CAN each without tax and while to some this is may be an outrageous price you have to remember that it is partly the brand you're paying for. If this was in the same price range as MAC it wouldn't be Chanel.

Oh, did I mention that I purchased these all in the span of one week? Yeah. It's only downhill from here *sigh*. End of rant. 

Product: 1. CHANEL Glossimer - $31CAN

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