Thursday, March 24, 2011

RANDOM: 'Member Me?

I'm not dead. I have been living at work for the past 2 months. Well, not literally.


Just a sneak at what's to come in the next few weeks.
I have accumulated much more than this but I could not fit them all into one shot. Horrible.
P.S. Do you like the obnoxious background? Somehow, it makes me so happy/trippy looking at it...


  1. That's lotsa Chanel lippies! :P

  2. I need more of you in my life. K thanks.
    Haha but seriously, no one around me truly understands what it means to love makeup!

  3. @ Pammy - Can you tell I have a problem? lol! Thanks for the comment!

    @ Elise - LOL! I hear ya, sister. My sister does not understand it at all. Her eyes nearly dropped out of their sockets when she noticed how many lip products I have. It's disgusting, really lol.

  4. ooh la la so many goodies can't wait x