Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why, Hello There.

Talk about neglect. That's exactly what I did, and I apologize! I couldn't commit to posting on the blog as often as I would've liked. I would love to get back on the bandwagon of things.

My taste in makeup has drastically changed while I was gone. My daily look now consists of a simple cat eye with liquid liner and saturated lips. When I mean saturated, I'm talking about red lips and bright colors. 

Along with the change mentioned above - I no longer hoard make-up. I have purged most of my collection and downsized greatly. I now only have 17 lipsticks, 10 blushers and 5 lipglosses. It's a very good size and I would like to keep it this way for as long as I can. I just was so overwhelmed with the amount of crap I had. 

There has been a flood of new collections for the Spring and holy shit, it's almost February. The one item that had me skip a beat is the Cruel Gardenia Meteorites from Guerlain. Highlighter has always made me look greasy but this powder...oh, this lovely disc of unearthly beauty, simply makes me glow. It's so subtle that most people would argue against spending the money on it but need this. Did I buy a back-up? I'll let you guess on that one. I swear I'm not hoarding.

I will try to post a post with pics soon. I thank those who still come to visit my blog after being MIA for eternity and beyond! 

1. Swearing less definitely did not work as a New Years Resolution. Why the hell do people bother with these anyways? 
2. Why do elderly people insist on driving at 80 when they can't even stay in between the lines? Going 20km less than the limit. On a one lane street. With their faces right up against the windshield because they can't see. Yeah. Do I like to bitch? Oh yeah. 

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